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Kingdom of Roses

A myth submitted to the site by Gia

Burgas, Bulgaria

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful, beautiful girl named Leah. She lived in a small village near the Kingdom of Roses. Her family was really poor and they barely had money to buy food. She couldn't do any work, because in all her life she was spoiled by her parents because of her beauty. Her mother's dream was that Leah could marry the Prince of Roses.

One day, Leah decided to go for a walk in the Garden of Roses. She was mesmerized by its beauty - there were thousands of roses in different colors! She couldn't not notice the center of the garden. There was a beautiful big rose made of glass. She couldn't help her desire to touch it so she went to the center and realized that she wasn't able to reach her hand, because she felt like something was protecting the rose.

'Only the right words spoken would help you to lay a hand on the rose.' someone whispered in her ear. Leah turned around but no one was there, she was completely alone. She looked at the rose and thought "If only I could know the right words!'

And then she began speaking of her life – her parents, the poorness, and how she dreamed to live well and help her family, but she didn’t know how to do any job so she was helpless. She burst into tears. Soon she felt exhausted and fell asleep in the meadow. She had the same dream she had dreamed since she was a child – a blurry face of a woman who as singing some lullaby. The only line she had always heard was ‘And happiness lies in the roots of the wise.’

"What is such a beautiful girl doing out here, don’t you know it is not safe?" someone startled her. Leah jumped, looked around and saw a little creature standing beside her. At first she took it for a purple hedgehog but then she saw that instead of spines it had little daisy-like blossoms.

"Who are you?" asked Leah.
"I asked you first," smiled the little creature.
"I live a miserable life. My parents used to live alone because they couldn’t have a child but one day my mother found a basket with me in it and decided it was a blessing. Since that day, all they have been doing is work so I could live happily without having to do anything but this is no way of living and now my parents will hardly make it through the month if I don’t find a way to help them. I thought that if I could manage to go to the Kingdom of Roses, its generous people will find a way to help me, but all I have seen for now is this beautiful rose. Something tells me that if I manage to touch it my whole life will change. However, I heard a voice which said that only the right words would let me touch it."

"Oh poor girl, you are in huge trouble. The beautiful Kingdom of Roses is no longer what it once was. All the people from the villages surrounding it don’t know this, because of the spell which was cast by the Black witch. Seventeen years ago she killed the king and the queen and enslaved everyone who roamed the kingdom. She used dark magic so from outside the Kingdom looks as happy as it was, she even created the story that the royal family had a son who will soon rule in the place of his father. But all of this is a lie. There is no Prince of Roses and there is no happiness in the Kingdom of Roses anymore. The legend says that the queen had managed to save her baby girl before she got killed. This girl is the only one who knows the right words to touch the rose and put an end to this hell, however, no one knows where this girl is if she is alive at all."

"How would she know the words if she had been just a baby?" asked Leah.
"The legend says her mother, the queen used to sing her the same lullaby every night. The key to everything is in the words of the song."
"A lullaby? That’s strange. For all my life, I have dreamed the same thing every single night – a woman singing a lullaby to me but the only words I hear are ‘And happiness lies in the roots of the wise.’ Do you think it means something?"

"Oh, good heavens! How old are you little girl?"
"Seventeen, why?"
"Don’t you see it? You are the lost Princess of Roses!"
"This cannot be true, and even if it were I have said the words and nothing has happened."
"You silly little creature, the words are a riddle – don’t you know the wisest tree in this forest? It is the old oak, just beside you. There must be something buried in its roots."

The girl was reluctant to believe the little creature but decided to try and see, she didn’t have anything to lose after all. She digged and digged for half an hour when she saw a beautiful silver chest. She opened and gasped – inside of it there was a golden crown. Beside the crown lay a note which said – Pure intentions lead to bright future.

The girl read the note out loud and a miracle happened. She approached the glass rose and touched it. The whole world froze for a minute and then the rose collapsed into million pieces – and with it collapsed the heart of the Black witch. The people of the Kingdom of Roses were free, they could live happily again, ruled by their beautiful princess.

By Gia
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Name: Elise Meredith 25th August 2014
wow this is truly amazing. i hope you will continue to write beautiful stories like this! xox elise
Name: ThunderGod 27th March 2013
Wow, this is amazing. Really well written!
Name: C. L. 14th December 2012
great job! this is amazing.
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