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Northern Lights

A myth submitted to the site by Niya Seklemova Silvia Minkova

Burgas , Bulgaria

Ever wondered where the northern lights come from? How they formed? What`s the meaning behind them? Well, the story is pretty simple and very sentimental.

There ones lived a boy on the North Pole. He was a splendid young man. Talented too. He loved to paint, especially the night-time starry skies. Each evening he would set up his little roof-top atelier and when night would fall his hands would work magic on the canvas. And he would stay there all night, with his only company being the glimmering little candle, that would shed light on the canvas.

But, sadly, something would always be lacking in his works. The skies would always look a bit lonely, they`d remind of a certain kind of solitude. The stars would look ever so distant. That, probably, was not surprising, as this boy had never known true love. His heart had never beaten with the frequency of true affection and care. And he was lonely there at the roof-top every night.

Then, one night, as he was finishing his painting, lifting his head for that last glimpse needed, his eyes caught sight of a silhouette, with a beautiful glowing lineament. It was a girl. As the boy got up to get a better view, he bumped his chair. The noise made the girl turn around. With one glance of her face, the boy was mesmerized. The moonshine made her hair look like a cascade of gold water, with a slight silverfish shimmer, and her eyes - like two teal zircons, shining brighter than the stars themselves. The girl too was charmed by the boy`s warm brown eyes, and his tender gaze. Captivated by the girl`s loveliness, and as he moved towards the neighboring roof to reach her, he swinged his arm and pushed the paint onto the canvas. The colors spilled and created somewhat of a river on the painted sky. As the boy and the girl reached out and held hands, the spilt colors transferred onto the night-sky, and with the moon shining its light on them, they blazed across the firmament. From that night on, the boy was never lonely again.

Years passed, and the two lovers were gone, but still, every night, the colors would appear in the sky and the moon would always shine it`s light on them, and this way their endless love would be celebrated. After a while, the people decided to name it “The Northern Lights”. So the memory of true love would always remain in the world.

By Niya Seklemova Silvia Minkova
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