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The Bridge

A myth submitted to the site by Lisa Brillion


There is one particular bridge in RoseaVille Town that is never crossed. It is guarded by gates but if im honest a baby could get over them. I am Jayne and tonight I will see why the people are to afraid to cross the bridge. Before I went on to this discovery I searched online to see any history on the bridge or stories. I came across some bizarre things. I found out they think it’s a loop hole and it takes you to a different dimension. The one that came up the most was there was a mythical creature living underneath it. They just called it THE TROLL. Please a troll. Things people come up with these days.

It reached night time. I put on 2 coats because the temperature outside was like ice. I left a note for my parents for when they check in my room to see if I’m asleep. They will see I wrote that I’m going to the bridge to see what the big fuss is. I will be grounded but as long as I discover this it will be worth the punishment. I rode like lightning on my bike and the wind hit my face causing my eyes to water. 10 minutes later and I was there. A moment came where I asked myself to turn around but the adventurous side of me won and that’s when I climbed over the gate. I was at the start of the bridge. All its going to take is 15 seconds to reach the other side. I gasped my breath and pushed myself into walking. I made sure I did not speed walk so I could easily check out if anything was wrong with the bridge.

One step, two step , three step continued. I scanned the bridge with my eagle eyes. It did not seem to be breaking or ready to fall. It was also seriously not dragging me into a loop hole. Stupidness of peoples ideas just built laughter up in my head. Those stories are just out of the world. People like to scare and send around false information. I was now in the middle of the bridge and thought well nothings wrong so I shall walk faster but that was stopped by a breaking branch. Which went onto several loud breaking branches. If I was correct also it was getting closer than I thought. Now I was scared. Suddenly it a huge splash accord in the lower river under the bridge. Followed by a devilish groan. Its like all noise had disappeared. Silence. I slowly began to walk back to the gate. Then a big thud happened beneath my feet. Right then I was froze like statue. I could also hear please sirens in the midst. It could be for me.

I did not move. Just stood looking at the air from my breathing in the cold weather. The groan was heard again. Tears ran from my eyes. Was I about to be hurt. It spoke !!!!! ‘ Who’s that tripping over my bridge’. It was mostly certainly not human. So that’s when I decided it’s time to run. I yelled and scattered to reach the gate. The police sirens had stopped that means they mustn’t of been for me. Unexpectedly appearing in my direction also blocking my way to the gate was the thing. The moonlight shone in its beady bright red eyes. It looked hairy. I think I was facing a troll here. "Please don’t hurt me," I called out. I don’t think it plays like that because it smiled with evil at me. As to say I’m going to eat you. ‘Please just let me go. I will not come back again I promise please just let me go home’. Still no answer from it. In the corner of my eye I could see I had dropped my phone so I reached down for it but I as I took my eyes of the troll I was unaware that it was running at me. ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ . It forced its monster body onto me smacking me to the ground. I wacked my head against the floor. It snarled in my face and licked my cheek with its sand paper tongue.

It pulled back its head and its teeth came sharply out. I think it was about to eat me so tried my hardest to get out from under it but it just held me down not letting go. It then snapped but I managed to move my head on the other side. I was crying and yelling with fear. Snap snap snap. I missed 3 more. It was about to snap again but then a gun was shot. The thing just fell like meat to the floor. I got up to see the police outside the gate. My parents then came from behind them. I was never too happy like I was now to them. I ran over to them and cried with relief in there arms. As they hugged my I looked at the troll. Its horrible eyes where still open but to say if it had life behind them I don’t know. They always say evil never dies.

3 months later the bridge was open because the town felt safe knowing the police had taken the troll down but a week after it was again closed down. Due to the missing of 20 people. One of them sadly was Jayne’s mother.

By Lisa Brillion
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