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A myth submitted to the site by Foxy

England, UK

Once upon a time there lived a miller and he lived with his daughter. One day the king came past. The miller shouted to the king. "Oh my king, my daughter can spin straw into gold. The miller foolishly lied. The king said "I would very much like to see her do this. So the king locked her up in a room full of straw. "Spin this straw into gold by morning or you will never see your family again". The miller's daughter cried and cried because she didn't know how to spin straw into gold and she would never see her family again if she didn't do it.

Suddenly, the door started to unlock itself. Standing in the doorway there was a little dwarf. He said " why are you crying?" in a funny voice. The miller's daughter answered "Because I have to spin all this straw into gold and if I don't I'll never see my family again." The little dwarf said "What will you give me if I do it for you?"
"I will give you my ring" she said. So the little dwarf spun all the straw into gold.

The next morning the king was very happy because all of his straw had been spun into gold. He was very greedy though and he locked her up again with twice the amount of straw and said "Spin all this straw into gold by morning or you'll never see your family again!"

The miller's daughter cried and cried just like the last time. She was so excited when the door opened magically again and the little dwarf appeared.
"Why are you crying" he asked again. This time his voice sounded more cunning than funny.
"Because I've got to spin twice the amount of straw into gold this time".
The little dwarf asked again "What will you give me if I do it for you?" This time the miller' daughter offered her necklace and the dwarf spun all the gold once again.

When the king saw all the gold in the morning he was surprised and delighted. But, as the king was very, very greedy, he locked the miller's daughter up again with THREE times the amount of straw and told her that she had until morning to turn it all into gold and this time he would marry her but if she didn't, she would never see her family again!

The miller's daughter cried and screamed. She was so relieved when the door magically opened again. As usual, the dwarf asked why she was crying and she replied "Because now I've got THREE times the amount of straw to spin".
The dwarf said "What will you give me this time if I do it for you?"
The miller's daughter replied "I have nothing left to give you".
So the dwarf said "If I do it for you, when you marry the king, you will have to give me your first born child!"
The miller's daughter answered "OK". He then spun it all into gold.

In the morning, the king was very, VERY happy and he married the miller's daughter. A year later the miller's daughter - who was now the queen - had a beautiful baby girl and the king and queen loved her so much.

A couple of days later the little dwarf appeared at the castle and said to the queen "Pass me the baby!!" The queen said "Please, please don't take my beautiful baby away". The little dwarf took pity on the queen and said that if she could guess his name by the morning then she could keep the baby.

In the night, the queen sent all the king's messengers out to find out the name of everyone in the land. One of the messengers travelling far, far away came to a tiny cottage. Around th cottage he saw a little dwarf dancing around a fire singing "The queen is running out of time, the baby princess will be mine, she will never win this game, for Rumplstiltskin is my name"

The messenger ran back to the kingdom to tell the queen as fast as he could. The next morning when the little dwarf came to see the queen, she said all the names the messengers had collected and the last one was....... Rumplstiltskin! The dwarf said "What devil or witch told you that name?" Then he stamped his foot so hard in anger that he broke the ground and disappeared into the earth. He was never seen again and they all lived happily ever after - except for Rumplstiltskin!!!

By Foxy
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Name: Janna Leigh Radziminska 21st November 2012
I like the story, it is very engaging to the reader of this story. Well Done Foxy you really knew the story
Name: Lucy 31st October 2012
Good story ! But I'm sure I've seen a film similar
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