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The Bridge

A myth submitted to the site by Lisa Brillion

The loud noise was just unbearable. This little town can hear most things. Like the Patterson’s from down the road constantly arguing and Oliver the husky dog next door barking till all times of dawn. I’m Ellanor and a angry 16 year old .Well as teenagers tend to be. It was the new bridge what was causing the racket but thank god it was being finished of today.

‘Ellanor me and your father are just going for a stroll with kindle into the Barmsey forest. We won’t be long honey’ My mother called out. A stroll at 11pm at night are they mad. Kindle by the way is my dog. I’ve had her since I was 2 years old. She’s like my best friend. I decided I was not going to wait up for them I was too tired and exhausted from sleepless nights so I went to sleep.

Morning rose but I was not awoken by my mother as I usually am. It was also 1pm which I have never been asleep till since being a baby. The house was silent. I went into my mothers room to find a non slept in bed. I quickly went down the stairs to find an empty house and no messiness that my father usually causes. Now I began to worry. I went next door to the Smith’s to ask had they seen them only to find out there son Jake had gone missing as well.

Time passed and my parents still did not arrive. The police were informed about Jake and my parents by the Smith’s. Something was not right. Stupid things just rammed through my head on what could of happened to them. It came 5pm and still no answer but more cases of missing people. 9 more missing people. The Smith’s caringly took me in until the case was solved and my parents were back. Night time fell. No parents in view. I then remembered them saying they went to the Barmsey forest so told the Smith’s that. Turned out Jake also mentioned something about that. So we all decided to go and see if there is any sign of evidence of them.

We pulled up to the new bridge which is the new way to getting to the forest. It was dead no sign of teenagers or nightlife around. It was cold too. Mrs Smith took my hand and walked on while Mr Smith glared his flashlight around. We had entered the forest. The flashlight created dancing beams across the dark misty forest. We looked and looked but still nothing no signs no human stuff no anything. It’s like they flashed into mid air.

Suddenly a trail of snapping branches was heard. It came to becoming from behind us. That was then followed by a growl. A growl what can not be described as anything humanly or animal. It had a killing sound behind it. No time to think Mr Smith just got us both and decided we had to get out of here as soon as possible.

We ran and ran and ran. It followed and got closer and closer. Mrs Smith then took a nasty fall. As we stopped to turn around to get her she was pulled so fast away into the dark faster than a finger click. Her screams hollowed throughout the dark area. Mr Smith not thinking about me went after her. So I decided I best just get to the car. I ran that fast my heart beat rattled in my ears. I was scared out my head. I stopped because I then heard Mr Smith’s cry for help. It had got him as well. I best go get help I thought so carried on running. I could see the bridge in the midst. A little relive was inside me but I just needed to get out of here. The branch snapping was heard again. Oh my god it was coming for me.

I reached the bridge and the car was just in my sight across the other side. I've had a couple of driving lessons I’m pretty sure I can drive it. I gasped for air as I strolled to reach the other side. Out of know where a huge bang shacked from beneath the bridge. The bridge shuck and I fell. I took a quick glance behind to see if there was anything there but I could not see anything. The mood fell to were I knew I was about to meet pure evil. I did not want to but when you have that feeling its hard to not think things like this.

I got up and cleaned myself from the dirt and dust of my clothes. Then as I took my eyes to the car sight. There it was. Stood gazing devilish at me. It spoke ‘ Who’s that tripping over my bridge’. The voice was deep and crackly. Monstrous is the word. I replied ‘Please don’t do anything I’m just leaving I just…..' I couldn't finish my words and it had already began running at me. It swayed like a banshee and ran at me like I was its food. I had pepper spray in my jacket. Any weapon may help. So as it reached me I grabbed it out and sprayed it in the face. It squealed like a hurt dog. That’s when I could have the time to run but as I did that it grabbed at my ankles and I fell.

It was weirdly snapping at my feet but I kept wiggling out of it. ‘Get off me, get off me you beast’. I managed to kick it in the face and got up to run. I again took a quick glance behind me to see it but it was not there and as I turned back round it was again in front of me.
‘What do you want’ I screamed. It then just began laughing. It made me more angry as I just wanted to go home.
‘You crossed my bridge and it has consequences so you must pay them consequences like the rest did’. It said 'rest'. My parents had crossed this bridge to get to the forest. So did Jake. ‘The rest. Did any of them happen to be a woman a man and a little husky dog’ I asked. It then snarled and grinned opening its mouth showing off its shark teeth. Then it took something from its pocket and raise it in the air. I squint my eyes to see what it was. My eyes widened. ‘oh my god , you got them’ I called into my hands. It had my mothers necklace in its hands that I had bought her for her birthday.

There was a few poles from the construction of the bridge at side of me. I needed to get out of here and tell the police.
It then again ran at me. I quickly grabbed one of the poles and luckily hit it like bulls eye straight across its head. I made sure I did damage so I just kept wacking and wacking. Evil does not belong on earth. I chucked the pole and ran to the car. With my luck the keys where still in there. I sighed with relief that I had got away but cried in sadness knowing my parents had gone and I was never to see them again. As I switched the engine on I looked over to the spot I hit it but it was not there. I did not think to get out the car and check so I sharply locked the doors and just got out of there.

I got back into my little town and quickly went to the police station. I was told to go home because they thought my story was too stupid and made up to believe. The whole station laughed at me even though I looked to have gone through an almost death. The story of mine quickly hit the town and I was the laughing stock. No one believed me. Even though my story was stupid to people the one they actually did believe was it were aliens doing it. My grandma heartbroken from my mother’s disappearance took me to live with her in New York. 500 miles from the town. I will be back and I will show the town the truth behind it.


By Lisa Brillion
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