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The Spotty Devil

A myth submitted to the site by Hello

Seaford beach, England

1947 it was when the devil struck... One day 4 boys happily played in the near by field when they saw a hidden cavern submerged in to a massive rock, they sprinted to the cavern not caring of what harm it could be. They looked in then there mother called for there dinner. One boy thought he saw a flash of something spotty but took no notice and carryed on.

When they got home they told there mother about the cavern and where it was, the next day they set of to the cavern, again peered in side to check no one was in there. They didn't think any one was in there so they strolled in. The boys where unaware that the spotty devil was lurking behind shadows holding a metal object, (still to this day we dont know what the metal object was)getting ready to pounce at the excited boys!

Suddenly the spotted devil leaped at the boys killing them again we dont know how they were killed. There mother called for them, no one came she called again then ran to the cavern in shock she saw the boys dead. The fastest she had ever ran she darted to her house grabbing her phone, calling the police.

When they came the boys mother took them to the cavern but it was not there or the boys... Still to this day we dont know what happend to the boys or the cavern!

By Hello
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