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Rosetail and Stormfur Chapter 3

A myth submitted to the site by BritneyXD

The lake, The Clans' new territory, unknown

Light filtered through the reeds at the entrance to Mothwing's den. Rosetail gingerly rose from her nest, careful not to put pressure on her injured leg, and stretched the sleep from her ginger-and-white limbs. Willowpaw was lying in her nest at the edge of the den, breathing deeply and fidgeting as though she were dreaming of chasing a fish just below the surface of the water along the pebbly shore of the lake. Mothwing's sleek, golden pelt was barely visible in the shadows at the back of the medicine den.

Rosetail yawned and rested her chin on her paws. The thoughts that had been making her miserable for almost a quarter moon once again flooded her mind. Will I ever be a warrior again? Will I ever be able to defend my Clan in battle again? What about gatherings? What about catching fish for the kits and elders and queens? What about Reedwhisker...
Reedwhisker had stayed by her side ever since her accident. Rosetail cared so much for him and she couldn't bare to see him leave her. Could a cat like Reedwhisker ever love her if her leg never healed? Of course he could! Rosetail scolded herself for thinking of such nonsense.

Startled mews rose from the clearing outside. Willowpaw shot up from her nest. Mothwing blinked open her eyes and stretched before following her apprentice into the clearing. As she was walking out, Mothwing stopped dead.
"Was that Stormfur?" She meowed in surprise. At the mention of her past love's name Rosetail darted out of her nest. "Careful, Rosetail!" Mothwing yowled, but Rosetail rushed into the clearing to find herself face-to-face with Stormfur.
"Rosetail!" He yowled.
"Stormfur. You came back!" Rosetail felt her chest swell with joy. Her heart plummeted when she saw Brook standing a few tail-lengths away from Graymist, who sat gazing around just behind Stormfur. Leopardstar walked calmly over to Stormfur and meowed confidently "Stormfur, I never thought I would see you around here. It's great to have you back." Rosetail glanced over at Reedwhisker to find him staring at her, a look of anger, sadness, and jealousy mixed together in his clouded gaze. Oh no, Rosetail thought, StarClan, what can I do now?

By BritneyXD
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Latest comments:
Name: Meridah 10th March 2014
Gorgeous story, i love it. There are NOT too many characters. Make more please!
Name: Emma 10th March 2014
I completely disagree, there isnt too many characters and the story is incredibly great. You are the best writer ever and ive seen your work, it is truly amazing. Please please please keep going. Oh my gosh, your stories are absolutwly incredibly beautiful. I love the plot and the love story. You are better than Erin Hunter!
Name: BritneyXD 26th March 2013
I want everyone who thinks there\'s too many characters to know that all of the characters except for Rosetail are actual RiverClan cats.
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