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Tristan and Iseult

Cornwall and ireland , Cornwall and ireland

King Mark was the king of Cornwall and was forever at war with Ireland. One day the queen of Ireland sent her messenger to Cornwall when he got there he spoke to the king.
"King mark , the queen has given you two decisions you either give us your slaves and we leave you alone or your champion fights her champion and if you lose Cornwall is a part of Ireland forever"
The king didnt have a champion but before he could tell him his son, Tristan, said he would fight the champion.
So the two men fought on a high hill, Tristan won the fight by stabbing the other warrior in the head.

Tristan lived well for a few months after but one day the king said to him.
"My dear son i think it is time we reunited the two countrys. I am going to send you to get the princess Iesult from Ireland she will come back here and we shall marry. So Tristan set out to get the princess it was on the voyage home when they realised their love for each other but they knew they couldnt stay together when they got back. They tried all they could to stay away from each other but the king noticed that whenever Tristan wasnt there his wife wasnt either so he banished his own son.

Tristan found another women whom he tried to love as much as he loved Iseult but he could not - his wife realised he had a different person in his life and became jealeous. Then Tristan grew ill and asked his messenger to go to Cornwall and bring back Iesult so he could see her one last time before he died. He also told him to have white sails if she came and black if she didnt.

He asked his wife to check if there was any ship coming but there wasnt for a while then, one day, the wife did see a boat with white sails. She grew more jealeous than ever and told him that they were black he died then and there. When the women realised what she had done she tried to wake him up but could not. When Iesult came in she saw he had died and her heart broke into a million peices, she was so upset. She fell dead too, they were both buried side by side. Two trees grew right next to the coffins and they were almost touching.


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