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The Glass Slipper

The land of Petunia, Petunia

Nobody will know until now, the legend of the glass slippers. After Cinderella's other slipper she didn't drop from the ball faded, did you know where it went? It went to a small island called 'Petunia' just like the flower's name.

In Petunia's little wood, one of the woodland creatures noticed the slipper. "Well look at that, something shiny, I should tell all my friends," said a rabbit. Soon, lots of creatures was gathered around the slipper.
you know what to do with it? asked a deer.
"No, not really," admitted the rabbit.
"Take it to the old owl. He'll probably know," suggested a squirrel. So the rabbit hopped over to the owl's tree.
"Owl! Owl!" it called. The owl saw the rabbit and flew down to see him.
"Yes," said the owl.
"Look at this slipper. Do you know what to do with it?" asked the rabbit.
"Oh, you should give it to the princess, I'll take you to the castle, and your friends can come along," said the owl. "Thank you!" said the rabbit.
"OK, but you better hold on tight to that slipper," said owl.

It was quite a long journey to the castle. When they got to the castle, they went behind the princess's tower. The rabbit dropped the slipper.
"Can you take me up to the princess's window to call her down?" asked the rabbit.
"I think you should hide it behind the tower and make decorate something around it. So the rabbit put the glass slipper behind the tower and put pink rose petals around it. "That would be enough," said the owl as the rabbit hopped onto its back.
"Oh," said the princess. "Hello, little animals," she said. "Come down, princess," said rabbit.
"Do you want to play?" asked the princess.
"No," said the rabbit.
"Is something wrong, rabbit?" asked the princess.
"Be careful, remember your heart is glass," said the rabbit. The princess's heart wasn't working when she was born, so they replaced with a glass one. "Oh my," said the
princess. She hurried down.
"Come, we've got a gift for you," said the rabbit. The princess followed him and saw the glass slipper. "Thank you so much," she said calmly. The princess immediately went up to her room to try it on, the rabbit followed her. She slipped it on to her foot, it fit perfectly! Suddenly, the restof Cinderella's outfit appeared on her! She was so happy, she had forgotten all about her glass heart! It
was beating so much it broke, and she fell to the floor.

Rabbit knew what happened, and suddenly dragged her down the stairs. He explained what had happened to her, and owl picked her up and flew home, with the woodland creatures trailing desperately behind him, when they reached the wood, rabbit asked, "What do we do with her?" Owl shook his head. "Silly goose, we bury her," he said. The woodland creature dug and dug really deeply, and put her down the hole. They put the mud back, and set the glass slipper on top of the buried princess.

They say, if you go to one of the lost islands and you see a rose petal on the floor making a trail, you know the woodland creatures made it. Follow the trail to the glass slipper and try it on. You will have Cinderella's outfit on you! Just, if you have a glass heart, I warn you, do not try it on.

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