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The Rainbow Serpent

A myth submitted to the site by Colleen

Kapi o , Athens

Long,long,long ago there were only people no animals or birds. No bushes,hills or mountains. The country was all flat, but Gorrillia the great Serpent stood and sit up to look for his own tribe.

He traveled across Australia,from South to North. He reached Kepi o where he stooped and made a big red mountain called naragundem he listen on the wind and heard their only voices that were speaking strange languages. This is not my country, these people here speke a different time.I must look for my own people.

He went on and listened to the wind again. Finally he found his people. They danced and danced around in circles. One day it was raining. There were two boys that were looking for shelter to sleep in for the night. The first tent they went had no room because the lady had to much animals that she live with. The two boys ran over to The Rainbow Serpent and asked for shelter. The Rainbow Serpent said "If you want shelter come into my mouth to sleep for the night" he told the two boys.

When the Rainbow Serpent knew that when his tribe finds out that he swallowed the two boys they will attack him, so he slitherd away from his shelter and went to sleep in a cave on a mountain. When the tribe woke up and found out that the two boys annd the Rainbow Serpent were gone they got really angry at the Rainbow Serpent. The followed the Rainbows Serpents track and then found the Rainbow Serpent. They cut a medeum sized cut in his stomach and the boys flew out as beautiful parrots.

By Colleen
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