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Salina: The Dream & Wish Goddess

West Midlands , Greece

Deep, in the olive-groves in Greece, under a weeping willow tree, a single tulip blossomed. At the stroke of midnight, the tulip uncurled its petals, and in the heart of the tulip there was a tiny fairy, covered in a swirling mist of magic. The fairy slept for a hundred years. Each year, she grew, and became more beautiful.

One beautiful, spring morning, the fairy whose name was Salina, her clear crystal blue eyes flickered open. She sat up, and looked around her. Salina had long blonde tousled hair, her skin was smooth and perfect, her teeth white perfect and even. Salina wore a silk Greek goddess robe with a gold necklace. Salina was no longer a fairy, but a young beautiful goddess. Salina's wings had dissapeared and her tulip was no where to be seen.

A pure white dove was watching her in a near by tree, it landed in a branch next to Salina.

"Dear, beautiful Salina. How wonderful it is to see you wake up. I must tell Zeus that you are here" The dove said. And with that it flew off to tell the almighty Zeus.

Salina started to sing to herself as she thought what Goddess she might become. All Salina knew was that she wanted to do good deeds for other people. Lots of woodland creatures, came to her to hear her beautiful singing. Some of the birds sang in tune with her, Salina smiled in pleasure. She suddenly realized what she wanted to become; she wanted to be a Dream & Wish Goddess. The dove came back.

"Zeus, would like to see you" he said.
"I would be most delighted to visit" replied Salina. Her voice warm and soft. Then without realizing she flexed her fingers, and a mist of faded violet magic came from her fingertips. Suddenly the magic was swirling around her. Salina felt like she was spinning around. Then the spinning stopped, and she was on Mt.Olympus standing in front of Zeus himself.

"Dear Salina. I see you have chosen your own wish, to become a Dream & Wish goddess. You want your bird to be a mockingjay. Your mist is a faded violet. Clouds belong to you and sunsets because they are associated with dreams, also you shall own Willow Trees."

Salina nodded in disbelief. The rest of that day, she met the other Gods and Goddess's. Her now very good friend was Anthea. They talked all the time. The next night, Salina was to start her duties. Soon, people where in her temple praying to her, for wishes and good dreams. Salina could not fulfill, all wishes but she did her best. And she made sure everyone had good dreams. Years past, and Salina met a man, named Taurus. She fell in love with him and he fell in love with her. The problem was, he was mortal. Soon, Salina gave birth to a baby girl, and Zeus was not very happy.

Salina, begged and pleaded, Anthea also helped Salina. Finally, Zeus gave in.
"Very, well. Your daughter shall live. But she must become a goddess, and as a punishment in 18 years you shall become a Willow Tree."

Salina sobbed bitterly. But she thought of her daughter, at least she would live. Salina and Taurus named the baby Sienna. Salina loved and cherished every moment with her baby. Zeus pitied Salina, but now he had set that curse on Salina, he could not undo it. He felt very sorry her and guilty. Time was ticking fast. Salina gave birth to a baby boy, and called him Artois. Artois soon became 15 years old. Salina fretted so, because in 1 month time it would be Sienna's 18th birthday. Salina told Sienna and Artois that she would not be there after Sienna's birthday. Soon the happy family were sobbing in each others arms. Salina made, Taurus promise to take care of the children.
Time was up.

On the night of Sienna's birthday, they all stood on top of Mt.Olympus. Then after one last hug, before the stroke of twelve, Salina was no longer standing in front of them, but a beautiful Willow Tree...

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Awesome story. Salina should be mentioned more often. 7th February 2018
Can you please tell me if this myth is made up or is it widely known. It's the first time I come across it . 31st January 2018
amazing story very inspiring. 7th January 2018
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