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The Vampire's Daughter

A myth submitted to the site by Charlotte

Dublin, Ireland

Many centuries ago, Vampires where like us humans, they could walk out into the sun without melting to the ground. This is how everything changed....

Countess Amelia, was a vampire. She was married to Dracula. Dracula was named after his father, Count Dracula. Amelia and Dracula where deeply in love. Three years passed, and Amelia decided she wanted a baby. A few years later she gave birth to a baby girl, Saline. Saline was a happy, carefree toddler. But something bad happened, Saline became very ill.

Amelia, fretted so, about her Saline. Vampire doctors explained, when Saline was playing in a nearby woods, a werewolf crept up on her and sank its poisonous fangs into her arm. Saline had kept quiet, because she thought she was going to get into trouble. But as the months went past, the poison started mixing with her blood, which could cause a fatal death.

Amelia, shook her head in dismay. Her little girl, her Saline, suffered in silence. She sat down and started to weep. Then a little elf-girl, appeared in front of her.

"Dear, Countess Amelia. What is troubling you so?" The little elf girl asked.
"Little elf, little elf, my daughter is dying in the next room" Amelia replied.
"Do not worry so, I shall take the venom away. But there will be a consequence...."
"What? What, is the consequence?"
"Well....Vampires will never be the same again"

Amelia felt confused.

"In what way?" Amelia asked.
"Well....Vampires won't be able to go in the daylight, or they will burn into ashes. And Vampires won't be able to mix in with humans."
"Oh please, anything to save my girl!"

Amelia, did not care about those things, all she could think about was her daughter.

The next night, the doctors phoned up and said, Saline was finally breathing on her own. 2 weeks went by, and Saline finally came home. Though after that night, Amelia knew deep down, things won't ever be the same....

By Charlotte
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