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The Kingdom of Colour & Light


Once upon a time, there was Princess of All Colors and the Kingdom of Colour and Light call her Princess Rainbow ( because that's her real name ). Princess Rainbow is always loyal to her subjects and they give kindness back. She had a dreadful sister called Princess Gloom. Every year on Princess Rainbow's birthday, she tries to ruin everything that the subjects have done for the Princess by using her gloom lightning bolts to send gloom everywhere around it from up to 4 meters! But Princess Rainbow always sorted out with happiness spells.

Every year on Princess Rainbow's birthday, the children in the small village plan something spectacularly amazing every year like great feasts or give presents of 1000's of colorful flower planted in her garden every year ( so they were brand new and always fresh ) and this year they were planning something really spectacular but it was a surprise ( so I'm not going to tell you ). But they knew that Princess Gloom was going to try to spoil it somehow. They always look out for her and they always do it in a clearing in Forest of Light to hide it from Princess Gloom.

Amanda, the oldest out of all the children ( 17 years old ) always was the boss of things like saying who should be a look-out or who should be on duty while she was gone to get food for everyone. They always say 'not to give up but to try your best'. One day, Amanda sent Belinda to go and be the look-out, later that day Belinda came back running,
" Princess Gloom is heading straight towards Rainbow palace, from South, so she got to be up to something" she cried so everyone in the clearing could hear.
" We've got to get to Rainbow Palace right now" yelled out Amanda. So the ran as their fast as legs could carry them and reached the palace asked the guards if they could see the Princess saying the evil princess ahead, the guards said "You may pass quietly to go and see the princess ". And on they ran despretly trying to reach the princess before Princess Gloom got there.

They ran into the palace running pass maids and servants trying to reach the Princess' Throne Room. After 12 looks they found exactly the right room in time because there came a sudden BANG! Something had fell in the palace garden it looked like a GLOOM LIGHTNING BOLT! The children ran into the room in shock to see Princess Gloom on a storm cloud with Princess Rainbow tied up next to her. The children ran towards the door and it slammed shut right in front of them then came a piercing voice "Thought you could save your pretty kingdom and putrid princess could you, " raising her finger, Princess Gloom screamed, looking out of the window looking at all the colors disappearing. Just then she screamed, because right behind her Prince of Rose land ( had come to see Princess Rainbow to become his wife ) saved the children by killing Princess Gloom, and restoring all the color to the Kingdom of Color and Light.

He set Princess Rainbow free and went on one knee " Princess Rainbow, will you marry me " he said in front of the children ( all the boys went " Ugh" and all the girls went " Say yes ... say yes " ) finally the moment came for her to reply " YES!!" she screamed "But this wedding will be special , all of you children , will bridesmaids and pageboys . "

Then the next day the wedding was started, the whole Kingdom was there watching all of the children in gowns and suits walking gracefully behind the princess (soon to be Queen of Rose land letting Amanda and all the other children in charge of the whole kingdom ). After the wedding ceremony the new Queen of Rose land placed tiaras and crowns on all of the children's heads. "You are the new Princes and Princess' " she cried, with everyone cheering in the background. Then Queen and King of Rose land stepped into a carriage leaving everyone with a wave goodbye and a brilliant memory of that day. Enjoying their life, Amanda and the others living a life they never ever thought of having.

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