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Fountain fears.

Forest, New Zealand

Laura's eyes grew wide with fear.
"No way, you can't!" she shouted. Aaron rolled his eyes and continued towards the sparkling blue fountain. Laura yelped and covered her eyes. Gravel crunched under Aaron's cheap sneakers as he approached the silvery marble.

The trees whispered confidential information to each other, the wind whistled in anticipation. Aaron cupped his hands and scooped up the cool liquid. Bringing it to his mouth he stopped at the last second. His hazel eyes glanced up and fixated on a point in space. Laura dared herself a peek at the horror unfolding before her. Aaron had froze, keeling beside the fountain; his glossy-brown hair reflecting the sunlight that filtered through the leaves.

Standing menacingly before him was a monstrous being. The creature stared down at Aaron with unblinking, red eyes. It had no body, only a pulsating grey mass of smoke. The remaining water sloshed out of Aaron's shaking hands. Laura saw none of this, her own eyes clouded by the fact that she had not touched a drop of the cursed water. An unnatural silence had enveloped the scene in the forest. Not a leaf rustled, not a crow cried. Aaron screamed.

Laura gasped and ran towards him. Aaron's body fell to the floor, spasming beyond any hope of control. Through his eyes, Aaron witnessed the smoke figure enter his body, ending his reign of his conscious form. Aaron's iris swirled and changed colours. He stared vacantly through Laura, who had crouched protectively beside him. She checked him over, becoming scared and confused at seeing his eye colour. Aaron sat up, wrenching himself from Laura's tight grip with such force, she was thrown off his possessed form.

Picking herself off the dirty ground, Laura watched helplessly as Aaron regained his kneeling position at the edge of the fountain and proceeded to dunk his head under the waters glistening surface. The sound of Laura's stumbling feet became muffled on its journey to Aaron's ears. She grabbed at his shirt, trying desperately to pull him from the water all the while consciously avoiding the crystal water. It was no use. Aaron had become too impossibly strong for Laura to rescue him. She sobbed and scrambled fruitlessly for anything to grab hold of. Aaron's body slumped lifelessly against the fountain's exterior, splashing a single drop of water onto Laura's salty face.

She scrunched her eyes up and covered her freckled face with her hands. She took a shuddering breath and flicked her gaze up. A shadowy figure hovered, with eyes red as freshly drawn blood. Laura focused on the floating form and squeaked a terrified whimper into the warm air. The smokey shadow used its eyes to smile devilishly at her cowering body. The spirit entered her violently trembling body, forcing her soul to relocate into the nearest object; the fountain. She watched unknowingly as the living person she once called herself plunged her head into the fountain's blue pool. Few bubbled fizzled out of the corner of her gaping mouth. The red eyes remained open for the entire duration of the drowning. The smoke retreated from the body, dissipating into the surrounding forestry, like it had never existed in the first place. The two bodies of the best friends sank down into the gravel, marble roots dragging them down into a hole, full of rotting corpses.

A bird called out its lively tune.

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