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A myth submitted to the site by Cloee

Ireland , Dublin

One rainy miserable day in Ireland , there was two little girls who believed in Leprechaun's, they always had, always will. They were called Gill and Lucy they both loved seeing rainbows.

Well one day Gill and Lucy were both going for a stroll by the lake and it was sunny but all of a sudden it started to rain. They both ran to the nearest cave to dodge the rain but Lucy thought, if it rains and it's sunny there's going to be a rainbow. So she peeked out of the cave to see if there was a rainbow and it was, so Lucy said to Gill "lets follow the rainbow ?" They both shouted "yeah !".

They both followed the rainbow, they walked about 4 miles and they were exhausted but they didn't stop because all they could think about was seeing a Leprechaun but all of a sudden they heard a voice saying "Where's me pot of gold?" They turned round in shock to see a little tiny Irish Leprechaun.
They said "Hello" but he just kept saying "Where's me pot of gold?"

Gill ran to the end of rainbow and found the pot of gold, it said on the pot Lel. Gill ran back and said " There you are Lel "
In shock Lel said " How do you know me name and where did you find me pot of gold?"
"It was at the end of the rainbow " said Gill
" Well thank you , well I must be off in a trot, bye me girls " whispered Lel "and don't tell no one will you?" whispered Lel
"No we promise" said the both girls, so they both went back with two pieces of gold each and every time they see a rainbow they think of Lel.

By Cloee
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