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The Guardian of the Silver Lake

A myth submitted to the site by Emma Louise Fleming

Greece, Greece

Artus crept through the overhanging undergrowth. The hard soil beneath him shook again. Then the beasts roar pierced the silence of the peaceful night. Artus had found him. Again the roar came and this time Artus pulled the grass in front of him below his eyes so that he could cath a glimpse of the beast. But he could only just make out the shadows of the beasts giant frame. However, its emerald eyes gleamed in the moonlight. Artus saw his reflection in his eyes. The beast turned his head towards him. He had found him!

A deep rumble rose in the beasts throat and Artus' heart beat hard against his chest. He drew out his sword. The beast retreated slightly into the moonlit clearing. Artus could see it terrifying body clearly now. It was covered in scales from head to toe. Tufts of jet black hair spouted on its back and neck. Claws as sharp as razors jutted out of its long toes. Its vast head bowed, its horn pointed toward Artus it charged.

Artus smartly dodged and plunged his sword through the rough scales on the beast neck. It went deep into its flesh and the beast staggered around before collapsing. Artus raced past he beast and into the misty waters of silver lake. He knelt down and cupped his hands. Water spilled into his hands and as he let it splash into his mouh and down his neck. He was full of a tingling sensation. His dipped his hands in the water for more when his hands started to glow. The silver glow spread quickly up his arms and soon covered his body. He was lifted gently of the floor by what seemed to be an invisible being. He floated in mid-air for a few moments before falling back to the floor. Hundereds of sprites filled the air around him and carried him off into the distance.

When he awoke he found himself lying before Zeus. Artus opened and closed his mouth several times to speak but no words come out. He looked like a stunned goldfish. Zeus smiled and said "You have fulfilled your quest. Now you have the right to join us gods up here." And with that he took Artus by the hand and Artus was once more covered in that silver glow and was led away by Zeus into the marvelous blue skies as a god.

By Emma Louise Fleming
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