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Trip To Town

A myth submitted to the site by Nisha

Preston, England

Why wasn’t I aloud? What was mums problem about me going out around town why? It all started when mum was younger she was allowed to go to her friend’s house in Moss Side. Moss side was that sinister even the rottweiller’s and pit bulls walked round in twos. That day she got dropped of at her friend Lucy’s house. Lucy’s dad wasn’t there at that exact moment as he was in a prison cell.

Lucys mother Tulia-May came to answer the door. Her eyelashes were the length of metre rulers and her make-up was over the top. I bet you can guess roughly what she looked like and I bet it gives you the shivers. Anyway, my mother had just stepped in the murky hallway; she could just about see around. It wasn’t a big house and the decoration wasn’t that good. The paint on the walls had been chipped off and the carpet had bits of dried up chicken and fish fingers scattered everywhere. My mum was worried that she was going to have to wait in Lucy’s house until Lucy came back. Luckily for my mum Lucy was upstairs finishing off her drawing.
“Hey Laura.” Exclaimed Lucy casually “Do you want to come and see my wonderful painting we can paint a fabulous picture to take in and show are teacher.”
“I guess so,” replied Laura “Which way is your room”.
The stair case was long and narrow which made it hard for my mum to pull up her suitcase. After huffing and puffing they were upstairs. Laura had to leave her suitcase outside the door as she couldn’t fit it in Lucy’s room. Lucy’s clothes were scattered everywhere which made it hard to walk in to pick up the paints.

When Laura saw Lucy's painting she thought that a baby had come in her room picked up the paints and scattered paint all over a page. Lucy and Laura didn’t get time to start there painting as there tea was ready. For tea they got served jam on toast my mum hated jam and had to hold her nose in private to eat it. After tea Laura ran straight to the bathroom she didn’t feel that well. My mum had told Lucy that she only felt ill because she had a bit too much chocolate before, however the real reason was that she had eaten her worst meal ever jam on toast.

The night was awful. My mum had only got about three hours sleep and was so tired. Tulia-may had asked Laura’s mum if Laura was able to stay longer as she could then drop her off. “Is Laura ok to stay Mrs Hughes?” Required Tulia- May “I just need to do some clothes shopping for tonight and I can’t go later.”
“That is fine as long as you don’t feel like you want her to come home.”

The trip there wasn’t that long so the girls didn’t run out of subjects to talk about. When they had arrived the first shop they wanted to go inside was River Island. Tulia-May only had around an hour to get the clothes she needed so she let the girls go shopping. The girls had to meet back up with Tulia-May at 12:30. Around five minutes later on the main road near River Island a gang of teenagers saw Lucy and Laura. The girls crossed the road and tried to hide in the crowd of people however the gang still had a close eye on them. The gang had come close and pulled them a side although there were a lot of people watching them. Not one person had told the gang to get off them and no one had interfered.

There was a dainty alleyway where all the gangs hung out. Lucy and Laura were as scared as a fish with a shark. They didn’t know what to do. Minutes later 70 year old looking women with a big hand bag had seen them. The old lady wasn’t afraid of the gang and she actually swung her handbag round and hit all the gang. The old lady had scared off the gang, which was very surprising to both young girls. Very kindly the old lady returned the girls safely back to Tulia-May telling her the story. Just as they were about to leave Tulia-May required the old lady if she needed a lift home. Once they had dropped the old lady off at home Tulia-May and Lucy had to drop my mum back off home.

Now I understand the reason and I am definitely not begging my mum again.

By Nisha
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