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Odysseus and the Cyclops

island, greece

A long time ago there was a island in greece called crete. This island had beautiful flowers bobbing up and down though they were on a rocky pathway!There was lush greeen grass and a white wooden gate.

On this island there was a huge cyclops that lived there it was as big as a house. Hands the size of a pebble.Feet the size of a butterfly. Also a glaring round eyeball plonked in the middle of his tanned forehead. Would you liked to have met the cyclops?

Well one day a man called Odysseus and his 12 men cam to this island. Odysseus had a blue tunic like the sea. His twelve men had a long silver sword a big round shield and a knife as sharp as a razor blade!! When they went to search around they saw a dark and glomy cave so they decided to go inside it. Inside the cave they saw sheep, fruit, gigantic funiture. You wouldn't belive how big the entrance was it was ginormas well thats what they thought.
When they saw the inside one of the 12 men said,
" wow i wonder who lives here?"
Then all of a sudden a big cyclops apeared from nowhere! They were all shocked at the size. Then he boomed,
" thee fi fo fum i smell the blood of an english mun i will grind him and eat him for my tea or i might eat 23!" Then he saw them and locked them in with a big bashing boulder. Te were all scared to our death. But it was fine apart from the uneasy night.

The next day eventully came and when they rose the big cyclops came to let his sheep out to graze. One by One but before he did Odysseus gave him a drink. Cyclops got drunk and fell asleep then the 12 men stabbed him in the eye so he was blinded! oh dear. Not good. Eventully when the sheep went out to graze the cyclops felt each and every one of them to make sure they were ok. But the men had tied themselves on the bottom of the sheep and managed to escape

The end

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