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The Ghost of the Grand Hope Library

A myth submitted to the site by CWBS 6m Man

It was one day, when a school came back from a trip, something strange had happened. When the children got back, their teacher told them to go to the library, and see if they can find any info on what they had saw on the trip. "Go on." After the kids got there, a group of three children were formed... Two girls, Catherine and Angela, and one boy, James.

They started a conversation about a book they found. That day, at the end of school, James had forgotten his book at the library. And so he went back to get it. "Where are you." He said to himself. He could barely see as it was very dark. "Yes!" He had found it. But had also found something else...

He heard a strange noise coming from the desk of the library. So he turned around to look. In a great shock, he saw a ghost. It was a faint image of a man with no arms, staring at him... A chill went down his spine. He found that he couldnt move. He looked back at his book, and looked back at the ghost. Or where it was. It had gone. He ran back home in distress.

The next day, he saw his group again. "Catherine, let me borrow your book for a while." James pleaded. For the book they were talking about yesterday, was a book on ghosts. Of course Catherine and Angela didn't believe in ghosts, until that day... "There, that one." He pionted to the ghost he had seen in the library. It read; 'The ghost of Maidens' "Really?" The two girls said at the same time. It was said that the ghost of Maidens was to travel libraries at night, and whoever was found in the library at the time it was in it, it would find the child while he or she was sleeping, and slowly feast on the persons soul. Day after day James started to stay awake all night after what he saw.

James soon found himself skipping library time and got himself into triple detetions every weekend. But he knew it was better than not being able to even walk to the detetion room. He decided to read the section on and on, only to scare him more. though he was hoping he would find a way to cheat the curse. But no matter how much he read, he couldn't find anything. Until three days later. He told his group he had to stay in the library, the ghost had been seen, until the ghost crossed the library again. So he did this not knowing what else he could do.

He tried sleeping for a few day, even though he was dehydrating and starving. But he forced himslef to stay. Two days later, he found him. Standing at the door. Staring at him. He pulled a smile. A psycotic one. And then he left. And so did James. He thought and knew the curse was broken, so he tried sleeping again. Then after that day, he didnt feEl weak. Knowing now for sure, that the curse was borken. And some say that the ghost still does this even up till today...

By CWBS 6m Man
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Name: Non Of You Business 19th December 2012
YO my brother would love this story text me back
Uknown you really mysterius
Once again its a REALLY good story
Im out PEACE
Name: Non Of You Business 18th December 2012
It was a really good story especially freaky.............awesome
Name: Unkonwn 14th December 2012
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