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How the Seasons Were Formed?

A myth submitted to the site by Sunny

County, China

In the forest,lives in four gods. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Cathola was the one who take care of the four gods.
Cathla was so busy of taking care of the four gods so, he's going to choose a leader.
"I gonna choose a leader between you guys. NO marry, NO babys at all. Understand?" Cathola said to the gods.
Spring and Autumn were brother and sister, Summer and Winter were also brother and sister.

Autumn fell in love with Winter, Summer was so angry about that.
Summer found Autumn and talked to him.
"Why did you live with Winter every day? Do you want to marry her? NO WAY!If you did,then how is he going to be the leader?!"Shout Summer angrily."You must stop it!"
"I can't!"said Autumn softly."I love him!"
"Eheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"Shouted Summer,then she go away.
Once,Autumn saw Winter.
"I have our baby!"said Autumn excitly.
"Hooray!"Shouted Winter.
This night,Summer came to Autumn and Winter's house.
"Hehe!''giggled Summer,then she stole the baby!
The next day,Cathola Came.
He said:"I saw Winter was pretty good,he can be the leader!''
"Yoohoo!"Shout Summer,and he giggled.
It's just like thunder crashed in Winter's heart,he frowned.
Then,Winter and Autumn went home.
"No!"Screamed Autumn."Our baby was gone.
"Summer must stole it!"said Winter sadly.
"Don't worry."Said Winter."I can't event have the baby,I'm the leader now."
"Oh."Said Autumn.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!Our baby!I'm not going to become the leader any more!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"Winter start screaming.
"But you can't change the rule!"Said Autumn.
After 1000 years,they died.Cathola named the four gods as 'seasons',and there is four season in each year.Now,Winter is still roaring,he is angry and cold,trying to find his baby and he is still the leader,Autumn is tring to comfort Winter, Summer is hot because she is trying to let the angry cold air from Winter gone and Spring is the best,trying to comfort everyone.

By Sunny
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