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James Maiden and his Men

A myth submitted to the site by CWBS 6M Man

hong Kong, China

One day, a conqueror named James Maiden, who wasn't really a conqueror at all, decided to set sail for his twenty-fifth attempt to capture something. But on the voyage, his men had decided something. "Hold on a minute, its not him that's a bad conqueror, its us that's bad warriors!" One yelled. "He's right. Well show this next country!" Another responded. But there was one warrior, who only ever held a bow, and never participated in the wars. No one spoke to him, and he liked he it that way.

On the day they got prepared for battle, James asked the shy man if he wanted to fight. And he said; "Yes." When he said this, everyone went in shock. "Wha-?" "Him? "In battle? "Why not?" Said an archer. "I'll teach him how to shoot." "That wont be necessary." Said the shy man. "Are you sure?" Questioned the archer. "I'm positive." "Very well. It's you life." And they set off.

This time, James had a plan. He told his men to hide behind anything they could find, and in the middle of the night, one stealth professional will go in and kill one of the towns people. And so he did this. The person who was killed, was a little girls step mother. But she hated her. A few minutes later, the girl woke up and called the guards. When they came, the archers quickly gave the two knights an arrow to the knee each. And more guards came. The archers did it again. "Were under attack!" A guard yelled. The guards fortified their town, and all the knights came in to attack. Except, when they just got into melee range, they found all of the guards dead.

All the guards had an arrow in their heads. The army wondered why. They turned to the archers and they just shrugged. 'Wait...' James thought to himself. He looked at the shy archer and saw him with an empty quaver and a ready bow. James was shocked at what he saw. He knew it was him. It had to be. And after that day, the plan was make a tower at night, and let the 'shy man' do all the work.

After forty-three conquers, the gods got fed-up about this. So he decided to punish James and his men. Then Poseidon came up with and idea. "I'll take away their water supply." And so he did. After a few days, the men got extremely dehydrated. But the gods decided to make James suffer. they let James live. And have him watch his men die. All his chances of being successful. On that day, the gods all said: "There's a lesson in that for all of us.

By CWBS 6M Man
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