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Payathon and the Belldom

A myth submitted to the site by Helena Nuttall

Athens, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece there was a peaceful city near the Aegean Aea called Athens. It was a scorching hot day and lots of people were strolling in the local agora. Some women were asking each other what perfume to buy, a young woman was bartering about the price of two amphorae. In the far corner of the stoa little boys were playing knuckle bones and little girls were playing with dolls. The fruity smell of the oranges was so strong that you could smell it from miles away. A very tall man was choosing which chiton to buy. Donkeys were lead by their owners. Carpenters were busy cutting wood. Everything was great, but the citizens didn’t know about the danger that was on its way…

The Belldom was a terrifying creature. It had razor sharp claws that could rip you apart. He was so strong that he could lift up a whole city and throw it 2000 miles away. He spat poison and even the tiniest bite would kill you instantly. The Belldom had spikes everywhere. You just could not escape from those beasty seven eyes. The middle eye had a great big scratch. Poseidon, the god of the sea, had sent the Belldom to destroy the agora because somebody didn’t make a sacrifice to him and that had made him angry.

As soon as the people saw the Belldom, they went screaming of like it was the end of the world. The Belldom roared like an earthquake. Parents were grabbing their children and running to their houses. A very unlucky man, who was grabbed by the horrible monster, was eaten and blood splattered everywhere. The gorgeous amphorae were ruined; the Parthenon was destroyed. People were running franticly away to the sea and they were just about to make it when the Belldom seized a poor girl who had bad leg and the Belldom threw her in to the sea. Finally the Belldom threw her away but everything was destroyed. But there was more…

The citizens of Athens were furious that they swore for revenge, but they had no weapons so they went to the temple of Athena and begged for help and said, “We will give you anything you want if you help us get rid of this creature!” They made lots of sacrifices hoping the monster would be gone. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, heard their prayers and decided to help.

Up in the heavens Athena told her son, “Payathon! You must help the city.” Payathon was a very tall, brave, strong and handsome young man and he was determined to help the city. He was just about to go when Athena said, “You must not go yet. You don’t have any armour or weapons. How are you going to fight like this?”
“I don’t go how am I going to fight?” Payathon replied,
“I will make you some. Don’t fight for one day.” One day passed and Payathon went down to Earth. He heard huge footsteps. He heard a growl. People ran past him screaming. And finally he saw the Belldom with his own eyes. The red beasty eyes aimed for Payathon. The monster ran towards him but Payathon ducked. Then he charged towards Payahton. Payathon shouted to the people, “run away!” It was impossible to kill this monster but he ran and took his sword out and aimed for the Belldom’s heart. But the beast picked Payathon up and threw him on the ground. He couldn’t walkm, but he managed to raise his sword up and kill the Belldom. The day was won!

There was a huge symposium and it lasted for a week. There was dancing, eating, laughing and music. The taste of the roasted pig was so delicious. Everyone was so overjoyed that they didn’t see Payathon disappear. The smell of the lamb was so strong that they could smell it from miles away. The music was so beautiful that animals sneaked in to listen it. Everybody was very happy. It is said that on every 5th February a celebration will be take place. Fireworks fill the sky and the citizens have to go in to the temple of Athena where Payathon’s and Athena’s statues are to thank them.

By Helena Nuttall
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