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The Death of Demery

Thessaly, Ancient Greece

2500 years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a tranquil city named Thessaly. It was a blazing hot day and lots of Greeks were sweating. Some young men, who were perspiring under their blue wool chitons, were gladly talking about the Trojan War. In the distance, two bloody Thessaly soldiers were strolling towards the agora; some young ladies were barging through the crowd to see them. The agora was filled with chatting, laughing and shouting. It was so hard to hear people talk; it just sounded like someone muttering. Some penniless people were begging the wealthy people for some money. In a stall, a barber, who was cutting someone’s hair, felt the man’s soft and silky hair. All was peaceful, all was happy, but the citizens didn’t know the terrible danger that was coming…

Demery a blood-thirsty monster was on its way for the agora in Thessaly. Hades had sent him over because the citizens in Thessaly had never sacrificed for him. Demery was a heartless monster, which had teeth like Zeus’ jagged lightning bolts. He also had bitten of one of the strongest gods back in Mount Olympus before he got sent away. A crunch from this monster could kill you in a blink of an eye. Anybody who had seen him before would know how disfigured he was. His smell was of consumptions fish. He had skin as black as the shadows. He was a colossus skunk which had a million eyes. Blood would dribble from him and land like giant raindrop. The fire in his mouth could burn anything and anyone into ashes.

Out of the blue, a monster’s hand reached out and Demery slithered out of a hole to the underworld. The monster roared like thunder striking down leaving a hole to the centre of the Earth. An old man, who was panicking too much, without thinking ran into a well and broke his head leaving a pool of blood. Mums and dads were hugging their children hoping the monster wouldn’t kill them. A young boy, who had an amphora on his head, ran into the monster but he then got smashed. Some people got ground by the monster’s gloomy foot. From his chest, some demons appeared. They started chasing some citizens. After a touch they faded into black clouds. The monster walked away freely but not for long.
After the monster had smashed, the city the survivors swore revenge. They went to the Temple of Zeus and sacrificed some dead bodies (up in Mount Olympus).
“Can I have the spear of lightning dad?” asked Alphaeus.
“NO!” shouted Zeus.
Shuffling all his sacrificing messages he then found Thessaly’s one.
“Hmmm… let’s see,” said Zeus.
A bunch of little clouds gathered up and a model of Thessaly appeared.
“Well it is pretty smashed up,” said Zeus.
“Fine you can have the spear of lightning…” without finishing his sentences.
“Really, where is it?” Alphaeus rudely interrupted.
“Only until you defeat a monster,” he continued speaking.
“Alright!” Alphaeus said excitedly.

A hole in the clouds appeared and Alphaeus jumped down from it. A light appeared down and a young man floated down… it was Alphaeus! A compassionate and agreeable man who fought for the good and had a fearless heart. His muscles could stretch so wide he needed really large chitons.
“Where did he go?” asked Alphaeus.
All the citizens pointed to the large hole.
“Where does it lead?” asked Alphaeus.
“No idea,” one of the citizens volunteered to answer.

Alphaeus climbed down the hole. He walked across the dead bodies. Then suddenly! He heard a noise. He came closer then he heard chatting. Why would there be chatting? He looked over the corner then he saw Hades and Demery. But then Demery spotted him. Alphaeus quickly turned away then turned back only this time Demery wasn’t there. Demery had been hiding behind Alphaeus the whole time. Then Demery grabbed Alphaeus’s neck.
“You shall suffer!” Demery furiously spoke. Then Alphaeus grabbed his sword and cut his hand off. But then black clouds appeared and Demery’s hand was back. Alphaeus kept on chopping his hand off but it never seem to harm him.
“You think that hurts?” Demery rhetorically asked.
Then Demery grabbed Alphaeus’ leg and throw him to the ground. Alphaeus’ leg was full of blood and the only weapon he had was a useless sword… Then suddenly something appeared in his hands. What was it? It was a gold coin appeared in his hand he clicked it, and then the sword of lightning was in his bloodfilled hands. He ran out to Demery and pointed it up. The sword seemed to be absorbing lightning. Demery was in a terrible shock. Then Alphaeus pointed the sword to Demery.
KA-BOOM! Demery exploded into black fur. Now Hades was in for it. Alphaeus walked out of the hole.

“Is he dead?” one of the citizens asked.
Alphaeus merrily nodded his then all the citizens cheered.
“We’ll make a huge symposium in honour of you and we shall join everyone!” the king joyfully said.
That night the palace was full of slaves, women, men and children. All the men stuffed their faces with juicy turkey, suckling pigs and pigeon’s laughter filled the palace, so did delectable wine! After that night men were drunk, children were dead asleep, ladies were more fed then they had ever been and slaves had the time of their lives.

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