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Diano and Storm Cracker

Thessaloniki, Ancient Greece

In 1300BC there was a city called Thessaloniki. It was a hot boiling day and lots of people were strolling in the local agora. The sun was as hot as lava. The wind was as still as a stone. Everybody was sweating like melted ice. A man was bartering over the price of two oranges with a shopkeeper in the stoa. Some young children, who were happy, were playing. There was a woman with a donkey going to get some food for her family. In the agora a lot of things were for sale. They sold fruits, vegetables, chitons and amphorae. However, the citizens did not know about the terrible monster that was coming…

Storm Cracker was the most feared creature in Thessaloniki. It had been sent by Hades. Its eyes, which were as big as a burned black onion, filled with air. It was the most bloodthirsty monster ever. It could gobble 10 humans in less than a second. The blood would splatter everywhere, and Storm Cracker would poke a hole through a human’s stomach and let it die on the ground. It could easily smash houses and buildings. It could chase the people so they would crash into the colonnades.

As soon as the monster appeared, the people started to panic. Everybody was running like non-headed fishes and screaming like little girls. Many people were lying on the ground shouting help with blood coming out from their stomachs. Storm Cracker had just impaled these people with its sharp horn. Again Storm Cracker took a few men and poked a hole into their stomach with its sharp horn and left them to die so that the blood splattered all over around the ground. It gobbled one thousand men. It smashed the houses and buildings with its hard sharp tail. It was destroying the agora and it chased the people in the stoa.

King Manirys sent messengers all over around Ancient Greece to find Diano, and tell her about Storm Cracker. Diano was having her breakfast just at the same time as the messengers were trying to find her. Diano could shoot fire and ice balls from her hands. She was as quick as a lightning bolt. Diano found out about Storm Cracker the monster, when she saw the messenger’s message. In the message it said, “Diano, our savior, come and help us! The reward for you is to have nine million gold coins after you have saved our life from the danger. ’When Diano saw that message, she was surprised. Diano went to see King Manirys and talk about Storm Cracker.

Something was coming. It waved the ground and the houses. Was it a man? Was it a… MONSTER? Diano couldn’t tell, but yes it was a monster. Storm Cracker growled like a thousand lions together. Storm Cracker ran towards Diano, and poked a hole into her stomach. Diano nearly couldn’t do anything. “Why are you trying to kill me?’’ asked Diano.
‘’Because you’re trying to kill me that’s why I’m killing you!’’ growled Storm Cracker. Then Storm Cracker ran again towards Diano, but this time Diano quickly switched her place so Storm Cracker would crash on to the colonnades. Now Storm Cracker became really angry. While Storm Cracker was getting his speed, Diano shot an ice ball into its eyes. Storm Cracker growled loudly. Diano didn’t have much more power. Storm Cracker made a hole on to Diano’s hands with its laser eyes. Storm Cracker was getting stronger and stronger. And Diano was getting weaker and weaker. She was losing the battle and Storm Cracker was winning. ‘’Bling!’’ something popped into her head, an idea. Diano hid behind the colonnades, for the while Storm Cracker was trying to find her. Diano shot a fire ball on to Storm Cracker’s back. ‘’Roarr!’’ growled Strom Cracker. Then Diano shot an ice ball on to a big colonnade. Then Diano shot a fire ball on to the same colonnade. The colonnade fell off and smashed to Storm Cracker. Storm Cracker was defeated.

There was a big symposium after Diano had killed Storm Cracker. Everyone was having fun and being happy. There were many kinds of food on the tables. You could taste the appetising grape wine. At just the same time King Manirys heard this, ‘’I have to go, there’s more problems to solve somewhere else,’’ Diano said.
‘’Before you go I will give you a reward for killing Storm Cracker, here it is, nine million gold coins and two thousand silver coins.’’
‘’No, I will not take it,’’ Diano grumbled.
‘’Just take it, it’s your reward,’’said King Manirys.
‘’Ok then, I’ll take it,’’ Diano said. Then she went to do some more work somewhere else. The citizens made a statue of Diano, so whenever you go to Thessaloniki you will see a big statue of Diano.

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