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Agenor and the Battle of Makhai

A myth submitted to the site by Austin Tsai

Thesaly, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece there was an amazing city called Thesaly. It was a boiling day and people were strolling in the local agora. Some young men and young women were chatting happily about the Trojan War. Some poor people were selling amphorae which they had made. Children all went happily in the agora. Donkeys were running around the outside of the agora with boys and girls. But they didn’t know that the disaster that was coming from the monster.

The monster was made by Hades and it had escaped from the Tuataras, the great prison of the Underworld. The monster was called Makhai. It was a fierce monster and two monsters stuck together. It slept in lava. Also, he had two hearts and a sword on each hand. His amour was made by the rarest stone with lava on it. Makhai was trying to destroy the world because one thousand years ago Hades gave Zeus a present. When the monster was trained by Athena, it became the protector of Zeus until one day Zeus let it go into the agora to protect them. But the humans were afraid. The monster became so angry that it ate everyone inside the agora. Zeus was so angry so he sent the monster back into the underworld with Hades.

The monster came running and killing little children. Everyone keep running and pushing to the exit. Some people managed to run out of the exit. People were shouting. The monster destroyed the colonnades. The monster jumped and hit the floor, so the floor cracked. Suddenly the statue fell and it blocked the exit way. Everyone was panicking and the monster was torching little boys. People were screaming and they grabbed their children away from the monster. Two of the men got grabbed by the monster. The monster gobbled their heads and the blood slipped to a donkey and the donkey screamed. The monster ran into the donkey and chopped its head off. There was no breath of human when the monster left.

The people that managed to run out of the agora went to tell the king. The king went to the temple of Zeus and prayed to him. Zeus didn’t have time so he sent his most skilled son Agenor to help. If Agenor could survive, Zeus would give him a reward that was called the Spear of Trium. Agenor was so strong that he could hold up a giant rock. Agenor had a friend. His friend was the Pegasus. The Pegasus could break a wall with one single blow. The Pegasus could also run as fast as a cheetah. Agenor’s armour was made by Hephaestus, his sword was a gift from Athena and his shield was a present from Ares. Soon he went to the king. The king was waiting in for Zeus to come. When Agenor came, the king asked, “who are you?” Agenor told the king what his name was. The king introduced the palace to Agenor.

Soon Agenor went to the local agora to find the monster. It was dark and cold inside the agora. Agenor saw the blood slipping on the floor. Agenor saw the monster running to him. Agenor dodged the monster. The monster fell down. The monster was so angry. So it carried Agenor and threw him far away. His friend Pegasus came and caught him. The Pegasus took Agenor back to the agora. The monster was shouting so loudly. The Pegasus blew on the monster and the monster bumped his head on the wall. The Pegasus thought the monster was unconscious so it flew away. But the monster was not. Agenor took out his sword and was ready to fight. The monster also took out his swords. Agenor ran into the monster with the sword that Ares gave him and the shield that Athena gave him. The monster kicked his shield. But the shield was too strong. Agenor jumped and tried to stab the monster with his sword but the monster caught his neck. The monster was choking Agenor’s neck. Ares came from the sky. Ares held the monster and threw it away. Agenor fell on the ground. Ares threw the sword at the monster. The sword chopped off one the monster’s arms. The monster was so angry that it killed Ares. Agenor became fierce. He dodged the monster and stabbed it with his sword. The monster was dead. It turned into ash and it flew away.

Everyone was so happy. Agenor was so excited to get the reward from Zeus. Agenor buried his brother Ares in the temple of Zeus. The humans all went to a symposium to celebrate the mighty Agenor for killing the monster. Some people were playing music, playing around and tasting the world’s best wine. The king gave Agenor gold’s and diamonds as a reward. Agenor went on his Pegasus and flew all the way back to Mount Olympus.

By Austin Tsai
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Name: Mitchell 24th May 2013
Agenor is the son of Poseidon and ares is his cousin becouse ares is the son of Zeus and Hera and the spear of trium is a wepeon from Hephaestus that is 3 wepons they are zeuses thunder bolt and hades pitchfork and Poseidons trident
Name: Kaz 25th February 2013
Name: Dylan 15th January 2013
nice story
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