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Vampires Haunt the Town!!!

A myth submitted to the site by Magenta Skinner West

Harlow, United Kingdom

Have you ever heard of VAMPIRES I have their great. Read on and find out more...

There once was a lovley town called Chatterberry, to be fair it was very nice until the Vampires came. I LOVED it when they first came. They bit our necks and they brought bats to do the same. I called them Vampire bats. It took them three days to conquer half of the town but not me. When people are first bitten they become new born Vampires.

Vampires were the least of my problems. The biggest problem was I couldn't leave the house to see them. However I sneaked out and there was a blood bitting vampire in my face "ahhhhhh" I screamed.
"SHUT UP AND FOLLOW ME" the Vampire spit in my face. I didn't care I just followed like he said. I'm not afraid I repeated in my head 10 times.

We walked down to a shop called Chatter News Berry shop. It was all burned down. I thought to myself what do Vampires have to do with buring down shops?
"ummm... Hello where are you taking me to and I want to go to the shop have you got a pound? I said without a care in the world.

The ground had lots of cracks in it and everybody was dripping with blood also they were laying on the dirty floor. I wondered why umm.. the Vampires did this I thought. I began to think that he was going to take me to their leader.

"Wait one minute i'm not going any where with you" I said in a whisper but he still heard.
"You do what I say or else" Said the Vampire.
"Or else what?" I shouted right back
"Nobody ever asks me that umm. i will bite you and have your delicious blood and leave you in pain all by your self do you want that?" The Vampire said in a mutter.
"Like to see you try and do that, come and get me then scardey cat no scardey Vampire" I SHOUTED jokingly but he didn't take it as a joke.

Think, think, think I thought to myself, run, no he will run and cath me, they're faster then Dolphins. I thought just don't move until he bites me but he won't get a change to. So he carrys on and I just stand there.

"Get a move on then." He shouted from a distance.
"no way honestly I'm not coming with you!!" I replied.
Then I was in a circle of Vampires they were hissing but I know what to do. I move towards the leader and say "We are humans not Vampires, I know a great town to go to Westminster Witches"
I KNOW there scared of them!!

By Magenta Skinner-West.

By Magenta Skinner West
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Name: Saleha 21st May 2016
Very good story
Name: Magenta 19th February 2013
all riht guys i writ it i will make a part 2 maybe next week thxx for reading and u enjoyed thxx
Name: John 19th December 2012
plz make a part 2.
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