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The Princess And The Bingohorror!

A myth submitted to the site by Keira Woodger

Stowmarket, United Kingdom

Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle in the land of Cibearia and a king, a queen and three daughters called Princess Keira Princess Diamond and Princess Grewella lived there. But they had to be careful of the monster. His name was Bingohorror!

Now, back to the royal family. Diamond and Grewella were twins and they absolutely hated each other and they argued and fought when ever they could! As for Keira, she was sensible and didn't take any notice of Diamond and Grewella.

One day Princess Keira went out into the castle garden to pick some flowers for Grewella who wasn't feeling very well. She was just about to go back to the castle when Bingohorror himself came stomping to get her! Bingohorror was made of fire and nothing else, and his only fear was water. He stormed towards her, Keira ran as fast as she could back to the castle clutching her bunch of flowers. Bingohorror ran after her.

Keira managed to get to the castle safely and she gave the bunch of flowers to Grewella. She was so exhausted that she said she was very tired and went to bed. She didn't wake up until tea time. When the three princesses had eaten their tea Keira told the king what had happened. He was so horrified that he decided to get rid of Bingohorror once and for all.

He sent for his army and they set off to Bingohorrors cave. The kings army were all brave and strong. They were all dressed in suits of armer and they had swords and shields. But the king had the most powerful thing of all.... magic water! When the king and his army got to the cave, they shouted as loud as they could so that they would awake Bingohorror. The monster himself came out. He roared and threw fire at the army, but the army had shields to protect them and the fire bounced off the shields and back into Bingohorror. He roared in rage and threw more balls of fire at the army. But still the armies shields protected them and the fire went back into Bingohorror.

The army started to attack. They thrashed their swords at the monster, but nothing could kill the monster except magic water. So the king rushed forward and tipped the water all over the angry Bingohorror. Bingohorror acted strangely after that.

By Keira Woodger
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