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Cyclops' Eye: 1

A myth submitted to the site by Mythman

Nuuk, Greece

Once in Ancient Greece lived a Cyclops. He was not a very brave Cyclops considering his size. He was scared of every little human to ever walk the earth. He lives on a tall mountain in Ancient Greece in an old castle that has been left untouched for years. Sometimes he wishes he wasn't always so scared. But humans were even more scared of him than he was of them. This is where the story begins -

The Cyclops was standing there in the middle of a human village. All of the villagers either screaming in terror or watching the monster move in fear. He roared like an old sea boat. He screeched like an old kettle on the stove. He was just horrified of these humans. The humans held up their pitchforks and torches and threw eggs and rocks at the creature. The creature did not enjoy this. He wished it would stop. Someone was even selling rocks to throw at a cart close by. The Cyclops stomped not once, not twice - but three times. This seemed to scare the humans away. The Cyclops was free to get back to his castle but then he met his equal match.

He saw two Greek gods standing in front of him blocking his path. One was Zeus god of the sky. The other was Poseidon - god of the sea. They said very brief words to the Cyclops this day. They told him "You've overcome your fear and amounted". The angry cyclops thougth about these words. He realised that he was indeed immortal although he was not a god he still was the son of Zeus and the nephew of Poseidon. Although he was not meant to be and was a mythological error in Olympus, he was still strong and could stand up for his home and make sure that no one attempts to hurt him. Although he was completely terrified of fire he knew if he could overcome his fear of humans he could defeat his fear of fire.

He was destined for great adventure.

By Mythman
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