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The Cupboard

A myth submitted to the site by Rachel

In a school , Lincolnshire

The cupboard

It happened again, the teacher asked me to go back into the cupboard to get some text books.
I was scared I just sat there and froze, then she said it again “Lexi can you go and get me 15 books out of the cupboard”, I stood up very slowly and Sarah started shouting at me “ just go and get the books or are you to scared” I said I weren’t scared, she laughed at me, so I slowly started walking to the cupboard and then the teacher shouted “ come on we haven’t got all day” it’s like she really wanted me to get hurt in that cupboard.

As I reached the door I touched the door handle it was very cold and felt like sand paper, I was really scared as I started to open the door it started to make a creaking sound, the teacher shouted at me again “Lexi can you do it a bit quieter please, and hurry up, I need to get on with the lesson”. I went into the cupboard and looked around it just seemed like an ordinary cupboard then the door shut, I couldn’t see a thing it was pitch black.

I finally found the light switch and I was like a clown just popped out at me, I was really scared at this point, I tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open it was jammed. Then all of a sudden books flew all over the floor, and pens started being thrown at my head I sat down on the floor and covered my eyes, when I reopened them it was all normal the pens were all the shelf and so were the books it was just my imagination. So I got up and went to grab the text books, then all off a sudden the cupboard turned into a long corridor, someone started shouting my name so I followed it to find out who it was.

As I walked down this long corridor, things just popped out at me there was skeletons, clowns and the teacher I feel to the floor and started crying, I opened my eyes again and it was just back to a cupboard it was even worth than last time because it didn’t change into a corridor and start popping things out at me, I was really scared so I grabbed the text books and run out off the door and the classroom was empty. I threw the books down and ran out to look for everyone but I couldn’t find anyone, I fell to the floor and started to cry again I was so scared that I was never going to see my family again.

Then all of a sudden this girl I didn’t know ran up to me and asked me where I came from, so I told her “ I came from the cupboard in the English room where did you come from” I asked so she said to me “ same I’ve been here for years my teacher Mrs. Briggs sent me to the cupboard 5 years ago and I ended up here and haven’t been able to get out ever since, but now there is two of us we may be able to find a way to get out” so I stood up and shouted “my teacher was Mrs. Briggs too, right it’s time to get out of here let’s do this”

So we both walked and went into the library and looked at all the books to see if we could find out anything, but we found nothing, it was getting late so she suggested that we got some sleep and then went and searched the office’s in the morning so I agreed with her and went to sleep. We both woke up around 8am and walked to the canteen to get something to eat and drink then went to the student office and looked through all files to see if we could find anything, it took us 9 hours and we found nothing, so we walked through to the main office to look through the files we were looking till 9am the next morning and we found nothing.

We went and got something to eat and drink in the canteen then we both realised that there had to be a way to get us out of here, so I suggested “ what if we walk back through the cupboard it should take us back to the classrooms we were in”
So she said “Do you think I would be still here if it was that simple?” so I went to her “ okay it was just a thought, there has to be a way to get out of here.”
We were just sat there is silence, thinking about how to get back then I had a sudden thought “What about looking in the English room there has to be a way to get back in their because Mrs. Briggs would have had to come here to test it first” and she had a huge smile on her face.

We both walked back up to the English room and started looking through all the desks, then suddenly I found something and shouted “ I’ve got something it says we have to go through the office door and it should take us back to our rightful place at the time we left” so I grabbed the text books and we both left and I come out of the English room cupboard and I could hear the teacher shouting “Lexi where have you been” so I said to her “ I told you I went to the cupboard to get these stupid text books for you and it seemed to change into a long corridor and sent me to another place that’s where I met another girl who went in the cupboard 5 years ago and has only be returned to her rightful place but the worst thing was things just kept popping out at me” and the teacher just said to me “Oh not this again, you did this last time it is just your imagination, it will certainly help you with your creative writing piece on the cupboard."

By Rachel
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