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A myth submitted to the site by Dark Of The Moon

An unknown country side, England

The breeze was thick and dence, completely dominated by the coldness of the Autumn air. A mould of eerie, silver mist, shrouded the surrounding woodland area in a sheet of purified, natural smoke. A smoke that was inescapable. Shards of crystalized grass, clung to the vast outpost of strong and broad oak trees, as if afraid that a hostile force would take them. A luminescent moon hung lazily in the abyss of darkness that was the night sky. No stars shone, no birds flew by. There was no mistaking it. Tonight - at this precise hour - it was going to happen again...

In a crashing attempt to flee an unknown sorce, a petrified and unprotected figure dashed past a series of lone trees. A human. Not just any human, however. No, this one had a personal vandetta to score with a certain, mythilogical host.

This particular humans name was, Christie Parker. An average, young boy of fifthteen, with dark hair and innocent, blue eyes. He had nothing much with him. Only a standard torch, a small rucksack - containing nothing but leftover foods and a large flask, filled to the brink with water, a notepad, pen and a handy pocket knife - in case of "small encounters" with the unknown.

As Christie raced threw the endless clamp of trees, one thought flashed in his mind:

Eventually, he slowed his pace and rested by a secluded fence made of metal. He panted rapidly. Every inch of him was sweating - most, not from tiredness. He slumpted down and brought the flask up to his bitter lips. The fluent liquid flowed out with such grace. He would never look at water the same way again. But then again, he may never get the chance, after tonight...

Just then, something caught the corner of his eye. His head lifted as he soon turned to meet the reflective glow of some kind of object that was attached to a tree. He heaved himself up and cautiously straggled towards it. It was a note! A shakey arm reached out to claim it. As soon as it was clipped from its resting spot, something inside Christie fell. His heart began racing, but he didn't knw why. He decided to just read the note quickly and find a way out of that creepy forest. His eyes met the words. He gasped.
"No eyes, always watches..." he breathed, panicing a little. What on Earth could that possibly mean?

Suddenly, he got the strangest feeling that he was being watched. He then got the most unpleasent sensation that there was a being behind of of death...

With a troubled breath, he began to sluggishly turn his head. A glimpse of white hit him, and then black...
The last thing Christie Parker ever heard, was his own horrified screaming...

No one knows what happened to him. Not even his own parents, Jane and Collin Parker. His older sister, Abbigail, said that she heard from him that he was going for a night-time hike with his friend, Harrison Hines.

The local police and detective investigators, searched the entire woodland - where the boys were claimed to have been - from beggining to end. There was no sign of them. No bodies, no footprints. Nothing.

But then, an interesting discovery was made the next morning. One of the investigators had found a strange object on a mud-trodden flash light. It was a piece of parchment. And when the specialists read it, they were both shocked and confused by its contence.

It was a quickly sketched drawing of a man. A tall man, with a sleek figure and a bald face. Not known to be male of female, the figure wore a tidy, black uniform and had a completely blank face. Where that hands should have been, a pair of deadly, razor-like nubbs ended the arm. Next to the unknown being, the words that baffled many - and was most likely to threaten the future - chilled everyone who read it to the bone. As if they too, were being watched...


By Dark Of The Moon
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Name: Slendyslayer 4th April 2013
Good story but needs to be longer and scaryer
Name: Alesha 2nd February 2013
Great story but you made some grammar mistakes.
Name: SlendyGirl789 12th January 2013
nice :) you put good detail into it hehe
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