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Alexander and Shuriken

Athens, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago, in Ancient Greece, there was a peaceful city in the Aegean Sea called Athens. It was a blazing hot day and lots of people were sauntering around the local agora. Some young teenagers fainted because it was hot as an amphora that had been fired up. Some old men, who were Athenian, were chatting about the Trojan War. In the background, there was ear splitting music that was played out of thousands of lyres. The chatting of the customers was deafening and made people cover their ears and faint all around the place. The smell of the juicy grape wine had a splendid scent and made people drowsy. The bread had an appetising smell. It was a normal and ordinary day. But the citizens didn’t know that the danger was coming…

The monster was made by Ares and Hephaestus. They thought if they made it, it would protect Mount Olympus from enemies. Then, a couple years later, he got banished by his own creator, Ares and Hephaestus, because the villages in the city killed his son so it started to bombard cities. It was called Shuriken. His winged shield could block up to 1,000,000 of Zeus’ lightning bolts. The wind that was from its wings was so indestructible that it could make a tornado. He could burn himself to dark grey ashes and teleport to where ever he wanted to be. In the middle of the monster, it could blast out a deadly ball of fire and the ball of fire could melt anything except immortals. Shuriken’s hands could also pitch out water balls that could cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Its eyes were red, shiny and metallic and could shoot out lasers. He could grow more armour if he needed to. Its wings were actually swords and it could pluck huge shields and it could fly. The monster could turn any side he wanted and shoot weapons out of his chest.

The monster came marching along and crushing the agora. Once the people had seen the horrible monster, they panicked and screamed. The people scattered and ran all around the place. One boy fell in an amphora. People hid behind the museum and the monster shot a huge ball of fire. It captured a girl and ate her organs with blood. It shot thunderbolts and tornadoes to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. The food in the agora exploded and it sounded like a war. Parents grabbed their kids and fled. The monster kept on walking and eventually left. It was terrifying, it was villainous. There were brains on fire and parts of amphorae everywhere. A bloody red pool was at first a glorious fountain but now it was now a pool of blood and a few dead bodies with no eyeballs. The ground was as hot as a fired torch. Goddess Athena’s statue was still in the Parthenon but it had more and more cracks and the huge head of Athena fell down. There was no sign of human breath when the monster left. But a courageous one was coming…

When the monster left, the survivors of Athens were furious. They all went to talk to the king of Athens. The king decided to use the cheapest way, which was to send out messengers to find a hero. After 1 month, the hero finally arrived at Athens. He was so strong that he could push a huge rock and destroy it in one hit. He was a warrior. He was called Alexander and he helped Athens because he was poor. So he rode his black shiny griffin to the palace. He was stopped by a handsome looking guard.
“Who are you?” asked the guard.
“I am Alexander,” replied Alexander
“OK, please wait,” said the guard.
The guard walked in the door and asked the king. He came out and said.
“You may come in,” said the guard
“Thank you,” said Alexander
Alexander walked in the palace and found the king.
“Where are you from?” asked the king
“I am from Sparta!” exclaimed Alexander
“If you sign this contract that means that if you kill the monster, you get the rewards of the king’s palace and the wedding of my daughter but do you agree?” asked the king
“Yes, I do!” shouted Alexander

Alexander went to the nearest cave to search for the monster. Before Alexander went in, Athena and Ares appeared. Athena gave him her shield made out of pure gold. Ares gave Alexander his sword made out of gold. He went deep inside and Alexander heard a noise. Alexander felt wind and heard footsteps. He turned around and saw a monster waiting for him. The monster drew its weapons and slashed it towards him. He dodged. It did it again. Alexander slashed the monster a thousand times. But it did not work. The monster shot an arrow at the hero. The hero was injured! “How do I kill the monster?” he asked himself.
The monster pushed him down to the floor and prepared his thunder and fireballs to burn him to death.
“Don't kill me!” shouted Alexander.
“Fine, get out,” said the monster.
Alexander couldn't walk out.
I gave you a chance, NOW DIE!” exclaimed the monster. As the fire balls burst out, Zeus appeared in front of the monster. Zeus gave him some thunderbolts to shoot the monster. But Shuriken opened his shield. 1,000,000 thunderbolts later, it broke. Ares came down to help. Ares and Alexander slashed the monster's protection. Again, after 100,000 slashes, the protection broke and when the monster try to grow more, Alexander stabbed the monster in his heart. Alexander thanked the gods for helping, and Ares and Zeus disappeared from the air. Alexander walked out and rode on his black shiny griffin and headed back to Athens to collect his reward for killing the monster.

Alexander went back to the king of Athens. He met the guard and once again met the king.
“Congratulations!” said the guard.
“Thanks!” said Alexander.
Alexander walked in the castle. After a long search, he finally found the king. “Thank you for killing the monster,” said the king.
“You are welcome,” Alexander replied.
“Now I give you permission for marrying my daughter and be the king and getting 2,000,000 drachmas!” exclaimed the king.
“ OK,” said Alexander.

After 1 day, the king sent a message to the citizens that the monster had been killed and introduced Alexander. The citizens held a symposium for Alexander. Alexander could smell the amazing scent of a suckling pig. He drank juicy wine and got greetings from people. He could hear the charming voice of the lyres. After the symposium had ended, the king of Athens died. Alexander rushed to the castle. Alexander took the throne and became king. He married the king's daughter and ruled Athens in peace. Alexander was remembered because Alexander was actually Alexander the Great who invaded the Persian Empire in fewer than 10 years. He became a rich man and ruled Athens fairly and treated the citizens graciously.

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