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Cyburus and Sidra

A myth submitted to the site by Alvin Lim

Athens, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece there was a marvellous city called Athens. It was a fresh, breezy day. Men were gossiping about prices in the agora. Citizens were worshipping gods and kids were playing a variety of games. Eight bloody, ambitious, armour dented soldiers, who had just fought in the Trojan War, strolled victoriously through the Agora. A donkey whinnied as it was being fed. It had been a wonderful day for the Athenians. Two ladies chattered until their mouths started to ache. Kids ran around as if there was no tomorrow! A party raged on for hours and even the soldiers joined in the fun! Music filled the air as if it was a disease but they did not know what terror was coming for them…

Sidra was a terrifying monster that could gobble a human in less than a second! It was very bloodthirsty and liked to drink as much blood as possible. It was also one of the most intelligent creatures of all. It could fly like a bird and could shoot venom, fire and acid. It was ten Parthenon’s high and had spear-like teeth which were as large as a column. It had skin as hard as iron. Gold spikes, which were as sharp as sword tips, lay in lines on Sidra’s Back. The yellow glowing power around it could lift up ten houses and flick them to Persia! Hades made him guard his spirits. He wanted to attack Athens because they had stolen its gold.

A warning came which was a hail fall, but the citizens ignored the warning and quickly took shelter and carried on with their shopping. The monster launched the attack. Drunken people ran around like bats without a sense of smell. It was so noisy it could give anyone a major headache. A slave ran away from his master. The people did not know the danger that was coming for them. The creature leaped out of its hiding spot and grabbed some fat Greeks! The citizens screamed like mice trapped in mouse traps. The monster took off and flew faster than the blink of an eye and dived for its gold! Fearless guards defended the lovely, shiny gold. The creature seemed to be annoyed and swiped its tail at the guards who flew into the sky and hit the ground like an asteroid! The monster took the gold and flew away. The Agora was a mess! Blood was splattered everywhere and piles of rubbish made it smell like a mouse’s nest! Food, which was fresh, was now ruined. Dead bodies scattered the floor with a pool of blood around them. The temple of Apollo collapsed and destroyed the agora. It was a disaster!

The petrified people begged the king to get help. Soon the king could not take it anymore! He sent a message all around Athens for a hero. A message was sent from a hero saying, “I will try my best.”
Everybody cheered! The hero had long, blonde flowing hair and teeth which were so white they glittered in the sun. He had a full set of gold and silver armour and a gigantic sword and shield. He also had a bow and a variety of arrows. He was only 22 years old! He was so brave he could battle Hades in the underworld!

A few years before he had saved Zeus from Hades’ strength and cut Hades’ hand off. Zeus and Cyburus ran off while Hades grew another hand. Zeus awarded him power. At the hero’s house he got on his horse after he had grabbed his sword. It took the hero a long time to get to the king because he lived in the edge of Athens. Inside the palace the king’s servant asked the king
“What is the hero’s name?
“Oh no! I forgot to ask!”
He sent a letter to the hero who said, “What is your name? He answered back, “My name is Cyburus.” The servant wandered off thinking. A few minutes later, when the king was reading a scroll and occupying his legs by walking around in circles, a huge gust of wind knocked him off his feet which sent him flying across the room! He scrambled to the window and saw…

Cyburus! The hero they have been waiting for! Girls screamed as they got more vision of the handsome hero. He stopped in front of the king’s palace and knocked on the door. The king ran like lightning to the door. His daughter followed her father for she wanted to see the hero. When she saw him she was flabbergasted! The king welcomed in Cyburus and offered him a cup of wine
“What wars have you been through?” asked the king.
“I have fought the Trojan War,” answered Cyburus.
“What took you so long to get here?” wondered the king
“I had to walk,” said Cyburus
“Your reward is marriage with my daughter,”
“It’s a good reward!”
“It’s almost time. You had better get your weapons ready,” warned the king. Cyburus collected all his weapons and rushed off. He then heard an ear piercing scream. He leaped out and launched himself from the ground and tried to stab the bloodthirsty monster. The monster caught him in the corner of his eye and slapped him off. Cyburus asked the monster
“What is your name?” asked Cyburus
“My name is Sidra, the ruler with Hades!”

He then flicked Cyburus off his feet into a house. Cyburus recovered quickly and charged at Sidra and pinned him to the ground, but he grabbed Cyburus and threw him off. Sidra shot fire at the hero but he blocked it with his shield. He tried to shoot a poison arrow at Sidra’s heart but grabbed his arrow and concentrated on breaking it. Cyburus then came up with an idea and shot 3 arrows at Sidra. Sidra tried to break the arrows, which gave Cyburus the idea to leap and launch his sword into Sidra’s heart! Sidra shrieked in pain as he hit the ground. Cyburus tried to catch his breath.

All the citizens cheered for Cyburus! The king said
“Your reward is marriage with my daughter.”
“Let’s start the celebration because you and I are still alive!” exclaimed the king. There was enchanting music and finger licking, crispy roasted chicken. The cooked snails were tender and scrumptious! Deluxe wine was incredibly sweet. Cyburus then asked the king
“May I cook a dish called sausage?
“Sure, why not,” answered the king
The king then hopped off to get a finger licking, freshly picked asparagus. When Cyburus finished preparing his dish he spotted the king stuffing his mouth with snails! The hero approached the king and offered him a sausage. The king tasted the sausage and his eyes lit up as if he had just seen a god! The king swiftly ordered his servants to offer a sausage to everyone. When everyone tasted it they asked the king
“Who made this dish?”
“Cyburus has created this dish,” answered the king
“We shall remember the hero for saving us and creating this dish,” said the king. And today Cyburus is still remembered by making the dish called sausage.
But there was an egg in the underworld which hatched into Sidra
“I will get Cyburus!” yelled Sidra…

By Alvin Lim
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