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Cyrus And Israphel

Knossos, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in ancient Greece, there was a delightful island called Knossos. It was a roasting hot day, and lots of Greek soldiers were arriving back from the Trojan War. There were two soldiers wondering around the local agora with blood all over their army peplos, limping around like their bones had broken. A carpenter was also persuading citizens to buy his goods. Two nine year olds were playing a famous game called knuckle bones. There was a man who was selling fresh fruit which had just come from the trees. In the distance there was one man that was storing wine into an amphora. However, the citizens did not know about the disaster that was coming…

Israphel was a horrifying creature and was always starving. A god called Hades had sent him because he wanted to take over the world. But never look at Israphel’s eyes because you would turn to ice. His shoes were very bouncy and his speed was as fast as lightning. Israphel had a spear that would impale you and also poison you. His teeth were as strong as obsidian, and could crunch your bones with one bite. Israphel had eyes that could burn through anything. When Israphel was getting attacked he would drill through the ground, and regenerate his health.

Israphel returned. He used his laser eyes and blasted the stoa to pieces. Mothers were grabbing their children and running for their lives. His feet were crushing people’s houses. He was firing his arrows everywhere and killing everybody. One man, who was drunk, fell into a well. Israphel’s feet were as strong as iron. You could see blood everywhere and on the floor. He was roaring like a volcano erupting. He had teeth made of gold columns, biting people’s heads off, and blood was dripping down his rugged skin. There were children running around asking for their mommy. When you looked at the agora it was not there anymore. There was just rubble everywhere. But there was somebody to come…

After the monster left everyone was so indignant that the Greeks’ heads were about to explode. All the Greeks went to the temple of Zeus and were praying but that was no use. So they went to the king and said, “Can you help us please?”
“For what?”asked the king.
“For food, medicine and houses!” shouted the citizens.
“Ok, ok I will do something to help in three days,” replied the king. Then the Greeks left.
A hero, who was called Cyrus, was a very handsome looking boy. But he also cute. He had yellow, blonde hair and skin that would glow when the sun was shining on him. “What’s wrong?” asked Cyrus.
“We need help. A monster named Israphel destroyed our village!” answered the citizens.
“So what do you need help with?” asked Cyrus.
“We need our houses built up again and we need medicine and food,” replied the Greeks.
“Ok, I will get my workers and I will fetch you some food,” exclaimed Cyrus.
Then Cyrus walked off with the Greeks cheering! Then the Greeks walked off into the blazing hot horizon with flowers blooming and the bees buzzing all around. And then the moon started to rise. Cyrus heard a strange rumbling noise, but then there was a very strong earthquake. Most of the citizens had died but some had survived. However, there was even more mayhem going to happen…

Israphel was back! People were petrified. People were getting crushed by Israphel’s feet. Blood was splattering everywhere but then a shine came. “It’s…it’s Cyrus!” shouted the Greeks. He pulled his sword out but then…
Israphel tried to shoot at Cyrus but he dodged the arrow. The next time he pulled out his sword he survived and blasted it at Israphel and he fell to the ground. Israphel roared as loud as thunder, and shook the ground as if it was scared! It was destroying the houses and part of a house came tumbling down like a rocket. But then Cyrus said to himself, “should I go out or should I stay in this stoa?” So then he made his decision and rushed out of the stoa and threw his sword at Israphel and he roared like a volcano was erupting! But he just remembered he brought an extra sword so then he turned around but Israphel was gone. Then he heard footsteps behind him and another, until Israphel shot Cyrus with his poisoned arrow and Cyrus fell to the cold, freezing ground. Blood was flowing into the Aegean Sea. But then Cyrus got back up and threw his spear at Israphel and he bellowed so loud it made a horrible earthquake. And then… Israphel turned to dust, and the wind carried it away and now all the mayhem had ended.

Later that day they all had a special feast congratulating Cyrus. On the table were suckling pigs, beautifully cooked sardines, boiled eggs that would melt in your mouth and of course wine to drink. All this food was delicious. One Greek was playing beautiful music on a lyre. A slave was showing some children a pig on a spit. One lady was playing on a flute.
“This is the best symposium ever!” said Cyrus. Some women were dancing to some beautiful music. One man was wearing a weird chiton. On the other table there was fresh fruit which just came from the market. After the symposium ended, the slaves were stuffing the leftovers into their mouths. One slave was sick.

That night Cyrus kept hearing, “I’ll take revenge on you, I’ll take revenge on you,” said Israphel’s soul. That morning Cyrus packed up and sailed back home. When he got to shore he saw his dad waving at him. But a few weeks later Cyrus died so his dad made a grave and buried him. But then 4 years later his dad died and was found and buried next to Cyrus. In Knossos Cyrus’s dad named his palace “The Palace of Cyrus “so now you can go there and see it.

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