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Kikiyo and Firebomb

A myth submitted to the site by Angel Lee

Santorin, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a peaceful island in the Aegean Sea called Santorin. It was scorching hot and crowded in the agora. There were people selling fruits, fish, fan and cloth. Although it was peaceful, they didn’t know that trouble was coming their way.

Firebomb was the most feared creature in Crete. It would burn everything in its way. He was sent by Athena and it lived in a cave. Firebomb could control someone to death and when someone touched his gold they would die. It also liked to kill people.

As soon as the monster appeared, people started to scream like little mice. Firebomb started stomping around smashing everything into little bits. He used his fire to burn all the houses down in order to force the people out of them. It was so bloodthirsty that he went to another agora to kill more people. When Firebomb stomped, it sounded like an earthquake. He also used his eyes to control someone to death. When everybody was lying on the floor, Firebomb made sure no one was alive.

The king sent messengers to search for Kikiyo the heroine and tell her that they need her help. The king had heard that Kikiyo was one of the most powerful heroines in the country. The messages found Kikiyo and told her the message. When Kikiyo heard the massage, she grabbed her bow and arrow and hurry to the village. When Kikiyo reached the village, everybody was lying on the floor. She put down her bow and arrow and started to cure people. Kikiyo asked the people where the monster lived. The people told Kikiyo that the monster lived in a cave.

When Kikiyo reached the cave, she found the monster. She saw that the monster was asleep. Kikiyo got her bow and arrow getting ready to shoot. Suddenly, the monster was awoken. He saw Kikiyo’s arrow pointing at him. He stood up like he was waiting for her to shoot. Kikiyo let go of her arrow and her arrow aimed for the monster’s neck. The arrow hit the monster‘s neck and there was a hole in the monster’s neck, but the monster didn’t die! The hole went back to normal.

“What is his weakness?” Kikiyo asked herself. Then she saw something glowing behind the monster in the deep dark cave. Kikiyo aimed for the thing. But the monster blocked it and instead her arrow hit the monster’s gold. Now the monster was very angry. He used his fire to try to burn Kikiyo. Kikiyo used her arrow to aim for the fire. When the arrow touched the fire, it disappeared. Firebomb went mad. His face was as red as a tomato. He used his tail to push Kikiyo out of the cave but he missed it again. Then he began to stomping around.
“Now it’s my chance,” Kikiyo said to herself.
She took her arrow and aimed for the thing that was glowing. Suddenly, there was a sound from the deep, dark cave.
“Is it gone?” Kikiyo asked herself.

Now Kikiyo tried to aim for the monster. The monster was still stomping around, so Kikiyo took her arrow and pointed it at the monster. She aimed for the monster. When the monster saw that the arrow was coming to its way, it was too late. The arrow hit the monster, the monster slowly laid down and blood was dripping down from the monster’s wound. The monster slowly closed its eyes.

Kikiyo went back to the village and told the villagers about the news. When the villagers heard the news, they jumped for joy. The villagers ask Kikiyo to rest for a night. Then the king invited Kikiyo to come to his palace.
“Thank you for saving our village,” said the king.
“You’re welcome,” replied Kikiyo.
“What do you wish for?” asked the king
“Thank you but I don’t need anything,” Kikiyo answered.
The people decided to celebrate. So the next day the villagers brought Kikiyo to the hall where they celebrated. When Kikiyo arrived, she saw people dancing, playing drums and tambourines. When everyone was eating, saliva was dripping down from their mouths. They drink wine, eat olives and snail. They also thank the Kikiyo for saving their village.

By Angel Lee
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Name: Alvin Lim 26th January 2013
nice story I was browsing around and found this amazing story!
Name: Annika 20th January 2013
I really like your story Angle
Name: Jeni 8th January 2013
I really like your story! It is a great story! I hope you will write more stories!
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