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Pursus and the Bellerophon

Rhodes, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a sun drenched island in the Aegean Sea called Rhodes. It was a boiling hot summer day. In the agora there were people selling fruit and fish. A woman was bartering about the price of olives in the stoa. A group of young men were singing happily that they had won the Trojan War. A donkey was eating some food from a lady. Shopkeepers were weighing juicy oranges for customers. Children were playing and grown-ups were peaking in the stoa. A slave carried an amphora on her head. The people who were chatting were having great fun. But they didn’t know the danger that was coming…

The Greek monster that was called Bellerophon lived in the underworld and was controlled by Hades. He had a head that was as cold as a treasure and he could turn you into a shiny silver statue. His feet were as strong as a horse’s leg so it could kick you very far away. The snake tail was so deadly that he could spit venom and you would die in one second. His black sharp ear could shoot swords and turn you into ash in one minute. The monster had two brothers. The father of the Bellerophons had a very hard time crying with his eldest son. The connection was that Hades sent Bellerophon because the father of the hero killed Hades sons and Bellerophon was still alive in the underworld.

As soon as the horrible dangerous monster appeared in the darkness, the people were panicking until they fell into a disgusting lake. Statues crashed on each other. All the men tried to save their family, but they did not make it. Some slaves ran around screaming until they broke their bones in the deadly cobra pond. They were shouting, “Help! Help! Death is coming!” A poor baby was lying on the ground almost dying. Blood was dropping from the table and flowers.

Zeus saw danger what happened so he sent his son and told him what to do. Artermis was the goddess of hunting. She said that Pursus had to kill the Bellorophon because it killed all the animals in the forest. The hero also wanted to help because his village was also destroyed. The hero was very nervous for the incredible fight against the Bellerophon. Zeus and Artermis were helping to kill the monster. The reward was that the hero could get one of his lightning bolts from Zeus.

The horrified monster was hungry. Bellerophon was very eager to see the Hero. Pursus finally came to the cave of the monster. The hero shouted, “Kity come to Papa”. Bellerophon was attacking the shocked Pursus. The monster hit in his leg with his sharp grey ear.
”Ohhhhhh,” said Pursus, “why are you doing this to me,” said the Hero.
The monster said “Your village was attacking my family. Hades sent me here.”
“OK,” whispered the hero.
Monster said, “Can we go on with the fight”.
“Yes,”said Pursus. Bellerophon was trying to turn Pursus into a silver statue. But in one second the monster was turning Pursus’ feet into stone. Bellerophon was steaming his mouth until fire came out. The monster’s frog feet were kicking in his belly for three times. Bellerophon was running into the Hero but just in time he put his sword out and killed the third son of Hades.

The people left the Bellerophon’s body hidden in the underworld. Pursus was exhausted from the horrible fight with the monster. Everybody was celebrating the death of Bellerophon. The city was so happy so that they could sacrifice Zeus to thank him for sending his son. People were dancing, singing, playing music and doing gymnastics as sport by the party. Rich men were eating boiled eggs, olives, sardines, snails, pigeons and lobsters. A woman was drinking wine and lying on a bench. A potter was stuffing some snails into his mouth in one bite without thinking. The reward to the hero was that he should get one lightning bolt of Zeus his father and become a god. We remember the hero to go to Greece and there is a statue in Athens of Pursus, the god of today!

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