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Poseidon and Deadalous

A myth submitted to the site by Annika Costello

Athens, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece there was an active day in Athens. The men were selling things and they sweated a lot. The women were helping, some were working and some were selling. The people were working and some were selling in the stoa. They had animals that were helping. People were chatting and there was fruit, olives and vegetables. They didn’t know that danger was coming...

When the danger began, people were running around like headless chickens and children were running to their moms. All the special amphorae were destroyed. Deadalous pulled people’s heads off. The people were screaming like mice. Everyone ran as fast as they could. Deadalous was wagging his tail so hard he could destroy rocks. He destroyed famous houses and towers. He destroyed Athena’s temple. He could kill people in a second. The people sailed as fast as they could to Sparta for 5 years. They were sailing and trying to get some food.

The king of Athens prayed for Poseidon, so they could get help. He slowly went to the king. Poseidon was the god of seas, water and ponds. The king said, “Please save us! We need you. My people need you!’’
Poseidon asked, “What’s the problem?’’
The king replied, “There is a monster called Deadalous!’’
Poseidon said, “I will try!’’
The king said, “Thank you!’’ Poseidon quickly flew to Athens and when he saw the agora he felt sorry everything was destroyed.

When Poseidon saw the monster, he was amazed. The monster was angry so the war began. Poseidon was fearful, but he needed to be brave. Deadalous was like a slithering snake and he slithered fast. He took a wooden stick from the agora and attacked. Poseidon’s right leg was burning, so he took water. It was okay, but painful. Now he could not walk with his right leg any more. But he did not give up. Deadalous fired, but Poseidon borrowed a blue shield. The fire came back to Deadalous, his hands got burned. Poseidon shouted, “Do you give up?” But Deadalous was angry. Poseidon just wanted to see him, but he just couldn’t or he would turn into a tree. So he swiftly cut Deadalous’ tail off. It was so painful he roared very, very loudly. When he roared Poseidon cut both of his hands off and his head so he died.

After five years, the people from Athens came back. They had a celebration and the people invited Poseidon. He was exited, Poseidon replied, “Yes please!” The people cheered and they quickly got ready for the symposium. The food was sardines, olives, lobsters, snails, suckling pigs, oysters and boiling eggs. They had three sofas at each table. And believe me, there were a lot of people! Jugglers doing tricks, people drinking red wine and people playing instruments. The king stood up and said, “Thank you for coming to this great symposium. We couldn’t celebrate the symposium without Poseidon!” The king gave Poseidon a shiny glittering gold medal. Now, in 2012, the Athenian’s found a diary on the floor and travelled to the British museum. Now everyone can read the diary and know what happened three thousand years ago.

By Annika Costello
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