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The Battle of Sparta

A myth submitted to the site by Bill Hsieh

Sparta, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago, in Ancient Greece, there was a picturesque city called Sparta. It was a hot and humid day. Some young men wearing white chitons were chatting happily to each other about the Trojan War. Some women were bargaining about the price of the fish. Some old people were praying to the gods for living in the islands of blessings. There were soldiers in golden armour and holding a silver shield. There were blood stains on their swords. The agora had lots of amphorae full of wine. In the agora many people were carrying amphorae on their heads. The smell of the fish flowed in the air. The smell of the wine could be smelt kilometers away. But they didn't know about the terror on its evil way…

Cybrog was a brutal, barbaric, savage, vicious, violent, warlike, bloody, ferocious and fierce creature. The terrifying creature bit its victims’ heads off and squeezed the blood out. The horrifying creature had no weakness except the hero and his family. The creature was created by Hades, the king of the underworld, because the people had offered him no sacrifice.

As soon as the Cybrog approached, children playing rushed to their parents and shrieked for an hour or two. The agora was full of screaming and wailing citizens. The shopkeepers ran frantically around and fell into a bottomless well. You could still hear them crying under the well. The citizens, who tried to hide in the temples, got crushed under the heavy roof of the giant temple. The Cybrog looked into many people’s eyes and turned them into corpses. Many people who had migraines were left out to die. After the Cybrog left, the city was not a picturesque island anymore. It was an island of rubble and a avalanche of wood, skulls and hay. But that was not the end of Sparta as a courageous one was coming…

After the Cybrog left, the citizens went to King Menelaus. They told the king about the attack of the Cybrog. The king sent some survivors to pray to Zeus, king of the gods for help. In a week or two a giant lightning ball crashed in front of King Menelaus’s palace. But, when King Menelaus looked out of the window, he saw a warrior in Spartan armour! The warrior had a shiny gold sword, a shield made out of silver but painted in gold, and a whole armour of bronze, but also painted in gold. The king let out some soldiers to welcome the warrior in the palace. King Menelaus spoke first. “Why are you here and what is your name?”
“I am Zeus ‘s son, Element, and I have come to save Sparta,” said the warrior. The warrior had a shiny gold sword, a shield made of the same material as Hephaestus’s hammer but painted in the never off paint of gold and armour.
“If you slay the Cybrog then you will be awarded these things, the sword of unreachable, the shield of unbeatable and the armour of unbreakable,” said Menelaus
“I will slay the Cybrog. I swear to my father Zeus, king of the gods,” as he knelt down to show his respect.
“ Good, now you may start your work,” said King Menelaus instantly.

After the visit of the king, Element searched all around Greece. In a year and a few months, when he was in Olympia, he was right under Mount Olympus. Suddenly, the earth started to rumble. Was it an earthquake? Was lava going to spray out? Or was it the end of the world. These answers were all wrong. The most powerful monster was up, the Cybrog. “The whole world is going to end after I finish you and there will be no more heroes!” growled Cybrog in a low voice.
“ You will never ever succeed because I will slay you before the world ends!” Element shouted.
“ Heroes are fools and I will show you why,” growled Cybrog louder and louder.
After that they started trying to stab each other with their weapons especially Element because he wanted the prize to come in his hands really soon. Then Cybrog started to stab Element at the speed of lightning! Element had forgotten his Element power, so he started blocking the stabs at the speed of lightning! After an hour of defending it turned out that Element was attacking. But Element made a gigantic mistake. His sword got caught and it flew into the air and landed somewhere 10 metres away from Element. Then he saw Cybrog, who was going to strike. But suddenly Element turn into diamond Element and stabbed Cybrog’s body as you hear Cybrog cry in pain and flew about twenty metres away. Again Element transformed into thunder Element and scraped some lightning off his body and threw it right into Cybrog’s heart and exploded Cybrog. When Element was about to turn away all the elements went out to attack Sparta but Element took his dagger of diamonds and took all the power of the elements. After that he fainted.

Element travelled from Olympia back to Sparta. The trip took Element a month and 2 weeks. He travelled to the beach, and camped at the beach for a week and fixed his boat and set sail in the channel. Then, another week was over Element reached Sparta.

He was ready to spread the good news to King Menelaus. King Menelaus was ecstatic and overjoyed that Element had slayed the Cybrog. King Menelaus decided to have a symposium. They prepared olives, grapes, bread, pig, oyster, pigeon and fish. There was beautiful music from the lyre. Many people were drinking wine. Element shook hands with King Menelaus and Queen Helen. King Menelaus told some soldiers to take out a box with jewellery on it. Element opened the box and saw the sword of unreachable, the shield of unbeatable and the armour of unbreakable. That was how the elements were named and there was a statue of Element in the centre of the garden behind the palace.

By Bill Hsieh
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