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Diagnaiysus and the Fangmangler

A myth submitted to the site by Natasha Gurbani

Seriphos, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece there was a tranquil island called Seriphos. The days were foaming hot, people were steaming, people were sweating, and they were tired in a really horrible way. In the cool agora everybody was indolent. Slaves were carrying huge amphorae on their heads and old men were looking for things to buy. Young men went to the barbers and ladies were looking for jewellery to buy. You could hear shopkeepers shouting from miles away. Men, ladies and slaves all were chatting quietly and happily. You could even hear the scales measuring weights in the stoa. Some animals were making strange noises. Only they didn’t know the terror which was on the way...

Hera sent the Fangmangler to attack the agora because the gods told the Fangmangler that they were going to do a very big harm to him. The Fangmangler was a gigantic, tough creature. He was the dumbest, and the scariest one of all. His horns were as pointy as a needle, his spikes were so sharp that whenever you touched them the sharp blazer would go through you and it would hurt a lot. His belly button could shoot strong sharp arrows which could eliminate 15 people at a time his claws could tear your whole body into little small pieces. His three red flaming eyes were so dangerous that when you looked at them your eyes would turn green and you would also be commanded to help the Fangmangler.

As soon as the Fangmangler appeared, the children ran to their parents in panic. The people ran with their children as fast as they could. The Fangmangler came stomping so angrily that the ground shook with each step. People lost their stuff, it was raining heavily and it was also heavily thunderstorming. The people were screaming ghostly. The Fangmangler was roaring loudly at the top of his lungs. The people were so scared they quickly went to hide in a building which they thought the Fangmangler would never find. And it crushed people so that their blood splattered all over the ground. All of the shiny colonnades were destroyed. The columns looked like a massive earthquake had just happened, and the Fangmangler demolished the city state so much that there was barely anything left and it looked at it as if everything was rubbish to him. The Fangmangler grabbed a handful of people as if they were little ants to him.

The citizens of Seriphos were so furious with what the Fangmangler had done. They had no other choice but to go and ask the king for help so, they set off. The king did not know what to do so he told the citizens to give him one day to think. The citizens agreed and said, “Tell us as soon as you have an idea” as they were going.
“OK,” replied the king.
As the citizens left he kept thinking about it. The next day, the king came up with an idea. He sent his messengers to call the citizens back to the king. The king said that he could send a hero to help. The citizens were happy about the idea and went.

The hero (Diagnaiysus) was strong. He had a sword and a shield to protect him. He also had 40 blazers that could shoot 5 people in one go. He could slice the Fangmangler’s horn in one and shoot thunderbolts too. And whenever Diagnaiysus shot a thunderbolt, it would go inside the person’s body and it would make them go in another place. Although Diagnaiysus’s arms are as thin as a stick, he was as powerful as the gods and as brave as Athena.

One day the Fangmangler was very hungry. He roared at the top of his lungs. The Fangmangler lived in a gigantic cave with many hard rocks in it. It smelled like rotten food. Diagnaiysus received a message from a messenger. The messenger said, “Diagnaiysus, the king wanted to send you to the city Seriphos to help the citizens”. So Diagnaiysus went to Seriphos. When Diagnaiysus got to Seriphos, he saw no monsters. But then the survivors said, “The Fangmangler lives in a gigantic cave, with many hard rocks in it, and it smells like some rotten food. I will show you where the cave is,” added one of the citizens quickly.
“OK,” said Diagnaiysus looking puzzled.

Not a while later, when they got there, Diagnaiysus heard a beastly roar. It was loud and creepy too. Diagnaiysus looked left to right and right to left to see what the noise was. Suddenly Diagnaiysus saw Fangmangler charging at him as fast as he could. Diagnaiysus had to think of something quick but he couldn’t because it was too late. The Fangmangler had already hit Diagnaiysus on the side of the arm. The arm started to bleed. But Diagnaiysus didn’t care because he wanted to take revenge. The Fangmangler didn’t know what to do next because Diagnaiysus was protecting him. Diagnaiysus was thinking what the Fangmangler might do next. He asked himself. Diagnaiysus raised his sword to put his sword in to the Fangmangler’s chest but he couldn’t because the Fangmangler was about to jump on him. So he held his shield to protect him but then he thought the Fangmangler might be a bit heavy for him to hold and he would be squashed. So he just moved aside so that the Fangmangler would not jump on him. So the Fangmangler fell to the ground with a BANG!!! The ground shook. The Fangmangler fell down on his back. He fell so hard that he broke his butt bone and he could not fight anymore.

In the noisy agora people were impressed with Diagnaiysus. People asked Diagnaiysus, “Diagnaiysus, how hard was it to think what to do when the monster scared you?” There was on enormous crowd around Diagnaiysus. Diagnaiysus replied, “All you have to do is to just be brave.” Suddenly some slaves started playing some enchanting music people enjoyed it so they started dancing and singing. Some people didn’t want to dance, neither did they want to sing, so they just clapped. And some people were not interested so they just lay down and chatted with their friends while drinking wine. Some slaves were holding elegant amphorae. Ladies were watching acrobatics, the music was peaceful and you could smell some stinky wine.

The reward for Diagnaiysus was that there was a new city in Greece called Diagnaicusses that it would never destroy. And today the hero is remembered as Dianaicus and a festival called Diamus which is celebrated on November 10th.

By Natasha Gurbani
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