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The Death of Bakura

A myth submitted to the site by Dylan Tsao

Sparta, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in ancient Greece, there was a delightful city in the Aegean Sea called Sparta. It was a flaming hot day and lots of people were tramping in the local agora. Some young men, who were sweltering under their blue linen chitons, were chatting happily about the Trojan War. A man was bartering over price of five sardines with a shopkeeper in the Stoa. The citizens didn’t know about the trouble that was coming…

Bakura was a blood thirsty monster that could kill one thousand people in one strike. It had spiky legs which were as sharp as a horn. It had a lightning hand on his middle finger, and if you touched the lightning hand you would die. Bakura had three heads and each head had five lives. Its mouth could fit one thousand agorae. It would pierce its victims with its sharp horn and leave them impaled and dripping with blood until they died. Hades, who was Bakura’s dad, sent Bakura to the city because the king from Sparta sent soldiers to kill Bakura because Bakura killed the king’s best friend. Bakura was so terribly wounded, so Bakura wanted to revenge!

As soon as the monster appeared, the people were screaming like the world was ending. The monster was stomping out from a deep dark cave. The monster came out stomping and breaking houses. His burning red eyes could shoot fire and burn houses. People grabbed their children and hid under a column. Bakura hit the column and the people under the column died. Bakura ate them and blood was dripping down his chin. “Yum yum!” said Bakura.
Some people, who just came out from agora, saw Bakura. The people were so scared that they screamed like they didn’t even have a head. When the monster was gone the island became all rubbish. Some people’s heads were gone and people’s eyes popped out. And people had been crushed by a column.

The survivors were so scared that they prayed to Zeus someone would come to save them. Zeus heard it and said, “Lightning Bomb. Go and save the city and if you save it the reward will be a lightning bolt.”
Lightning Bomb replied “Lightning Bomb is a very strong person. He has lightning hands that can shot lightning out. Lightning Bomb swam to Sparta. Lightning Bomb wanted to help because there was a reward from Zeus

One day Bakura came back to destroy the city. Lightning Bomb saw people's heads were gone. Lightning Bomb flew down and when Bakura was going to eat the people, Lightning Bomb zoomed and used his lightning hands to sting Bakura. Bakura said, "What are doing to me!"
Then they started fighting each other. Bakura choked Lightning Bomb. When Bakura was going to hit Lightning Bomb, Lightning Bomb used his lightning hand and kept on stinging Bakura. Bakura was so angry so he choked Lightning Bomb for five minutes. Lightning Bomb’s face became all red. Lightning Bomb hit Bakura's face so hard that Bakura's face had a lot of bruises. Then Lightning Bomb borrowed a sword and killed Bakura!

After the fight ended, the monster died but no one saw where did Lightning bomb go. People were worried so they prayed to Zeus and asked,“Is Lightning Bomb your son there?”
Zeus replied, “Yes. I am just giving my reward to Lightning Bomb.”
“Ok, then after can you call Lightning Bomb to come down we want to celebrate. Is that ok?” asked the people
“Ok, no problem!” replied Zeus.
After, Lightning Bomb came down and the peoples started celebrating!
People ate snails, sardines, oyster, boiled egg, lobster and pigs. People ate suckling pigs and water was dripping down their chin. The music was very enchanting. The food smelt delicious. Every October 12th is the hero day when Greek people remember the hero defeating the monster.

By Dylan Tsao
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