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The Strike of the Titans

A myth submitted to the site by Kaz Lai

Sparta, Ancient Greece

In 1500 BC in Ancient Greece, there was a dangerous island called Sparta. It was a boiling hot day and lots of people were in the local agora. Some young men, who were wearing white linen chitons, were chatting about the Trojan War. A man was bartering over the price of 29 sardines with a shopkeeper in the stoa. The people in the agora had no idea about the trouble that was coming…

The Chimera was the world biggest monster and he was so strong that he could destroy the whole Earth. Chimera’s had nine trillion hearts. He could fly to space and made black holes disappear forever. Its mouth could swallow 8 agorae. Chimera was sent by Hades because most of Hades’ monsters got killed by most of the heroes. Chimera’s fire was as hot as 10 suns and it could burn Zeus into ashes in 1.3 seconds. Chimera wanted to attack the agora because there was a legendary hero who lived in the Aegean Sea. Chimera wanted to attack the hero because the hero tried to kill Hades so Chimera needed to defend his leader.

As soon as the monster appeared, the people were zoomed out of the agora in 10 seconds. Chimera was breaking the agora into pieces and killed lots of people. A kid was rushing out of the agora and bumped to one of the columns and got dizzy and walked backwards and accidently fell in a 100 km deep well. The whole agora went on fire because Chimera burned it. In the stoa there were slaves fanning a king and Chimera saw them and killed them with his claws and burned their corpses into ashes!

The survivor prayed to Poseidon to help to save the agora. Poseidon sent his son Riptide to save the agora. Riptide wanted to help because he would get a reward. Poseidon dropped Riptide to Sparta from Mount Olympus. Riptide had a tail of fish and the body of a sea monster. The king saw Riptide and went to talk to him. The king asked, “Can you save our agora?”
“OK I’ll try,” Riptide replied.

Riptide tried to find Chimera, but Chimera was hiding. Riptide saw a snake tail and walked towards the snake. He saw the Chimera! Chimera charged like a bull and got ready to chase Riptide. Riptide zoomed so fast that he zoomed into a nowhere desert but Chimera ran right after him. Riptide tried shooting the Chimera but the Chimera blocked it with his wing. They chased each other and they almost ran to Sparta. Riptide’s ascendency was ruined when he tripped on a stone. Chimera ran to kill Riptide, but he grabbed Chimera’s chain and pulled as hard as he could. Riptide said to himself, “That was close. I almost got killed.”

Riptide kept pulling the chain to choke Chimera. Riptide flipped Chimera on the floor and he fainted. When Chimera had fainted, Riptide jumped onto Chimera's back and sucked a golden dagger that Hephaestus had made and was twice as big as himself. He chopped all of his 9 trillion hearts into little pieces and he threw Chimera into the Aegean Sea and went back to the agora.

After killing Chimera, Riptide went to the agora and everyone was praying to Riptide for saving the agora. Poseidon invited Zeus to visit his son and rewarded Riptide. The people in the agora gave tons of food to Riptide to eat. Riptide, Poseidon and Zeus went back to the Mount Olympus and shared all the food with the gods and goddesses. Riptide's reward was the golden trophy that Hephaestus had made and it was the world shiniest gold ever. The gods were having lots of fun and having a big feast. Apollo was playing his Lyre to let everyone have more fun at their party. People remembered this myth because the people in Greek like this myth so they made a statue of Riptide so people can remember this forever.

By Kaz Lai
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Name: Lily 31st January 2013
very visually descriptive! I like it
Name: Alan 28th January 2013
Name: Riyadh 28th January 2013
Kaz, This is a very exciting Hollywood action flick-style story. I can feel the pulse of the 9 trillion beating hearts. And, all of the hearts being chopped into pieces. Well done! Love, Dad
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