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Andromeda and Daulaires

Sparta, Ancient Greece

In 1000 B.C.E in Ancient Greece, there was a glamorous city called Sparta. It was a roasting day in the agora and people were strolling around wearing colourful, scratchy chitons. Some women were gossiping about fashion while their fatigued slaves were fanning them. There was a natural smell of orange and sardines. People were weighing some cheese while a donkey was stealing food from a lady. A colossal statue of Ares, god of war, was standing upon them. The wine stored in the amphorae had a sugary and saccharine smell. The dark purple made it look like grapes. Lip smacking pitta was appealing. There was a hubbub of noise. Teenagers were jeering and sniggering at the children and making them whine and screech. But no one knew that trouble was stirring up on Mount Olympus...

Daulaires was modeled by all the gods on Mount Olympus. Her temper was gruesome and ill-tempered. After Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths and fire, modeled her, Athena, the goddess of wisdom breathed existence in to it. With its terrifying shark teeth, she could pull off human flesh, while her fists turned into whirlwinds and whirled people around until they got a wave of sickness. Then Daulaires kept on tormenting her enemy, for she loved torturing people. But the most intimidating thing was that she was like a vampire. Even though she feasted upon human flesh, her favourite was human blood. Daulaires’ could bite break through the skin. She just absorbed the blood like a thirsty person sipping on water. Daulaires’ burly legs and arms helped her swim and run fast. When Daulaires ran she was a trotting horse, and when Daulaires swam she was a shark zipping through the water. But why did the gods and goddesses send her to bombard Sparta? It was because the king of Sparta, Menelaus, forgot to sacrifice to the gods and had just stolen fire from Mount Olympus. Her stunning golden hair could send an electric shock and thunderbolts to any who made her infuriated. The electric shock could go through anybody except the gods. Also when Daulaires’ hair flew up, it meant there was going to be a thunderbolt in a few seconds.

Daulaires came stomping in, bellowing like Zeus when he was angry. She stomped into the agora. As soon as the villagers caught sight of the terrible monster, they fled in panic. They had a petrified look on their faces and shopkeepers were paralysed. Women were snatching up their children while running. People were dashing out of the agora. People thought that the gods must have sent her and ran to their king, Menelaus. A lady who had an amphora on her head, was so panicky that she toppled into a well screaming. Daulaires started attacking with all her might. She turned her fists into whirlwind and blew out and after they were blown out, Daulaires stomped on them with her huge feet. The carpenter was so frantic that he didn’t know what he was doing. He had a knife on the table and started running around like mad and accidently put his throat onto the knife and put an end to himself. A filthy smell began to spread around the agora for Daulaires’ skunk bottom had began to stink. She picked up a column and smashed it violently into the stoa, smashing the glamourous amphorae into pieces of glass. The owner had fled and escaped the destruction. A drunk person was head butting everyone in his way and suddenly leaped onto a butcher’s head, grabbing the hair and screaming like a little child. Daulaires’ burly legs were kicking strongly at the stalls that sent them racing down the agora. Her gorgeous hair was flying up in the air sending lightning bolts shooting straight at wine drinkers who were still running around like little chicks. She grabbed citizens up and made them touch her golden hair, giving them an electric shock and then after they recovered Daulaires stuffed the citizens into her shark mouth and gobbled them up. Her sharp sword carved the people left until everything was sliced in half. Her sharp teeth bit into people and cut in half and left everything, and was sent back to Mount Olympus. People and children whimpered and slunk out of their hiding places. Not one thing was left there. NOT ONE THING! But they had no idea what was going to happen after this disaster…

After the monster left, the survivors of Sparta lost their temper. The citizens, who had been to find the king, were explaining what they had seen exactly.
“It was ferocious. It had sharp teeth like a shark and her fists could turn to whirlwind,” one of the citizens explained. “Actually she was a shark.”
“She was kicking down stalls and picking up colonnades and smashing them onto the stoa!” another citizen complained.
“I’ve heard enough about it!” shouted Menelaus, King of Sparta. “Get out of my palace, now! I will deal with it myself!”
With a muttered curse, the citizens left. As soon as they left, the king sat silently and thought over it carefully. It was a disaster of course, but someone had to save the kingdom from getting destroyed by that, creepy, blood-thirsty monster he had heard about from the citizens. Menelaus had a beautiful wife and daughter and did not want to part with them. But he had to give a reward or else nobody would want to help. He decided to give them lots of gold and silver and sent a messenger to spread news all over Greece. When the messenger got to Thrace, he saw a lady, looking very like Hera, goddess of marriage. “Why would Hera be here?” he wondered.
The woman saw and answered his question.
“Excuse me, but what is the messenger of Sparta doing here? Tell me why or else I will tell my mother,” asked the lady.
“Why am I scared of your mother!” the messenger shot back.
“My mother is Hera and you’d better believe me! I’m Andromeda, Andromeda cried. “Don’t you dare insult my mother!”
“OK, OK! Calm down, there is no need to shout. I will not insult your mother. Now I will tell you. There is a monster attacking the agora in Sparta! The king wants to kill the monster. Her fists can turn into whirlwind, her hair can send electric shocks plus lightning bolts. She gobbles people up and can pick up a whole colonnade,” the messenger explained.
“A she? The monster is a she?” questioned the surprised Andromeda.
“Is there a reward?” Andromeda said eagerly
“Yes, a reward of gold and silver. LOTS!!!”
“Thank you for telling me. I am very grateful! You may go to spread the message around Thrace!” Andromeda whispered elegantly.
After the messenger had gone, Andromeda raced over to the temple of all gods and goddesses. There she prayed to her mother, Hera!
“Mother I talked to a messenger and he told me King Menelaus of Sparta has a terrible monster raging in the agora and sends for help. The reward is LOTS of gold and silver! Do you think I should help them, Mother?” Andromeda gushed.
“Yes, Andromeda. Help them. If you win a lot of victories, I will make you a goddess and you will be able to come to Olympus and have a fabulous present!” Hera answered her plea.
Immediately, Andromeda raced over to the temple of Zeus. She sacrificed her cow for she owned a herd of cows. She pleaded for some thunderbolts for she wanted to win victory at Sparta. Zeus dropped a bundle of thunderbolts at her feet and told her to use them wisely. She dashed to Hermes’ temple and begged for a pair of flying sandals. Hermes gave them to her for the cow she sacrificed was delicious! Andromeda went to Ares’ temple for a sharp sword, Artemis’ for a bow and Athena’s for an invisibility cap. They all gave them to her for the same reason as Hermes. Then Andromeda set off to find the cave that the monster lived in. She found it 6 months later.

Andromeda came flying into the cave at full speed. Daulaires sensed her and turned her fists into a whirlwind up in the air. Andromeda got very dizzy and sick but she knew she couldn’t give up right now. She gained her courage and strength and hurled a thunderbolt at Daulaires with all her might. The thunderbolt glanced off harmlessly. Daulaires snatched Andromeda and tried to squeeze all the life out of her. With her sharp sword, she cut off Daulaires’ hand and instantly she fell to the ground. When Andromeda turned back, ready to slay the monster, there was a smell of fresh meat. Andromeda stared horrified. She could not believe her eyes. The arms she had just cut off grew back again. With a roar, she grabbed Andromeda and touched her with the flying hair. Andromeda grasped her sword tightly and didn’t know what to do. When she saw the hair, an idea flew to her mind. Daulaires grasped her nearer and nearer. Suddenly, in just one second, she slashed off Daulaires’ magnificent hair in one deft cut. Nothing happened. Daulaires came closer and closer. What was Andromeda going to do with her hair? She threw it mightily and as far as she could. It went flying out the cave and was gone.
“Give me my hair, wherever you are!” Daulaires screamed. She could not see Andromeda for she had put on the magical cap of invisibility. Daulaires heard a voice.
“No! I will not give it to you no matter what!” Andromeda
ejaculated. Andromeda started dodging for two whirlwinds were heading straight toward her.
“Give me my hair, for I only have two powers. If you don’t give it back, I will kill you!” the monster cried.
“It is already outside if you want to get it!” Andromeda shouted back.
Daulaires stormed out putting a huge boulder against the cave entrance. Andromeda heard her storming footsteps out of the cave.
“I will not be scared. I will find a way out,” Andromeda whispered to herself. She took out her sword and carved a big hole. She heaved with all her might, and finally, the carved rock fell down. She jumped through it and dashed across the road.
Finally, she caught up with the monster. But Daulaires was too fast for her legs or the winged sandals. The monster dived into the water for it had sensed that her golden hair went this way. As soon as Andromeda’s winged sandals touched the water, Hephaestus’ spiky shoes appeared on her feet and the winged sandals disappeared. She swam for miles without getting tired. But alas, people cannot swim forever. So Andromeda stopped swimming and started bobbing up and down the water. She snatched up her bow and arrow from Artemis, got ready the arrow and took careful aim. She shot the arrow hoping that the monster would die. But did Daulaires die? She swam close enough just to see the monster’s blob trickle down and fall into the depths of the water.
“Hooray!” Andromeda shouted. “I killed the monster! I did it!”

There was a big symposium a week after the discovery of the defeat. The symposium was held in the king’s banquet and was in honour of Andromeda. King Menelaus and Queen Helen sat at the front of the table sat beside Andromeda. Menelaus had already honoured her with his gold and silver which worth a lot of drachmas. The king and queen had chatted to her.
“Who are your parents?” asked the king.
“My mother is Hera and my father is Paris, the great fighter of the Trojan War who killed the great warrior Achilles,” Andromeda replied.
“Your father was an enemy to me. But now, since her daughter has killed the monster ravaging my city, he is a good friend to me” Menelaus replied innocently.
Then the lip-smacking smell came floating through the glorious banquet. The symposium had started. People came flocking to Andromeda for the Spartans were great warriors. Suddenly, Andromeda heard someone calling her name to eat and feast on the delicious food. As Andromeda sat down, there was a palatable pig, asparagus, oysters, snails, pudding, olives, and pitta bread. The cloving wine was absorbed by people everywhere. People were lying on couches while enjoying themselves. The enchanting music floated around filling the air by the golden lyre. The elegant amphorae, which stored with wine, were put aside, so they would not topple onto anyone. Colourful chitons were streaming around the room. The whole room seemed cheerful and happy. Everybody pleaded to Andromeda to do acrobatic moves. So Andromeda did backflips, somersaults in the air and cartwheels, while the crowd and king and queen, oohed and ahhed. Finally, Andromeda took a rest. She slipped outside to admire the pulchritudinous sky. In a flash, Hera was standing upon her. She came to take Andromeda to Olympia and make her the goddess of richness, houses and temples, of all gods and goddesses. She gave her a valuable trident and both disappeared to Olympia. The people in the symposium, including Menelaus and Helen, were rushing around wildly, looking for their hero. Then someone fell down dressed in an elegant robe. It was Andromeda who told them she was now a goddess. That was how she was remembered by the Ancient Greeks. Now she is remembered by going to the Red Sea every October 1st, when people dive into it for a swim.

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