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Tradiator’s Shield

A myth submitted to the site by Eric Wang

Isolasa, Ancient Greece

Four thousand years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a picturesque island in the Aegean Sea called Isolasa named after the king Iso and the queen Lasa. It was a painful, scorching day and everyone was strolling around, looking for cheap prices in the agora. Some soldiers, who had barely any armor left, were walking proudly from the war with their proud king Iso. The mouthwatering smell of fresh fruits and cooked meat filled the air. Some young kids were playing knucklebones while old grandmothers were weaving gorgeous chitons. Some young men with white chitons were happyfuly chatting about the successful war with their friend while some other slaves were buying some food for their greedy masters. Everyone just about knew every price for anything. They knew where the amphorae were were while they knew where the hairstyle was. What they didn’t know was that they were being watched the terrible fate that was coming ahead and the evil that was coming.

The god Zeus was looking down at the people on that island, looking frustrated at the king Iso. He was not pleased of how poorly the king had sacrificed to him with unwanted food like squished grapes and pig guts. That wasn’t the problem Zeus was looking at; it was how he actually dared to said that he was better than him. He even declared to his entire kingdom that he was to be told that he was better than him and stronger than Athena. The people begged him to not compare him with the gods but he just laughed and ignored them. Athena overheard that and as well disliked Iso and stared at the king. Soon everybody agreed that Iso was indeed better than Zeus and Athena for the power the king gave the people. Zeus and Athena were furious and decided to punish the citizens.

Zeus sent a message to Hades, the god of the underworld to create a freezing skeleton to kill all the vegetables, freeze houses into ice and slay the king for his poor behavior. Hades however refused and decided to make a flaming skeleton which would burn the house to ash, breath explosive fire and shot blasting charge which could blast through anything. Zeus, which was disappointed about his ideas, grumpily agreed and they summoned a horrible fate to the citizens of Isolasa.

Igniscelctus was ghastliness, blazed skeleton with blurry eyes, which could turn you into a skeleton called “Igniskeleton” as dark as coal with a iron sword to kill other citizens. After they kill one, they turn into one of them. Igniscelctus had claws and teeth as long as a pillar and sharper than shattered glass. It could shot razor-sharp swords everywhere carelessly right out of its tail and could pierce straight into shields of any kind. It could gust flaming wind from its wings that could burn any material to obsidian, which was dangerous because the people couldn’t hide in their shelter. Igniscelectus was so fast that it seemed like that it was teleporting through invisible portals. Nothing was more deadly than Igniscelctus that it was even more blazing than the core of the sun. It was made without a single weak-spot and it really didn’t need any because within’ six meters its heat would burn anything into ash and turn anyone into a Igniskeleton. Despite by its strength, speed and hotness, it was told to be invincible. Zeus was impress with the fine work from Hades and sent it to destroy Isolasa once and for all

The people was still fighting angrily over the last chitons that they didn’t resized that Igniscelctus was swiftly souring through the flaming air. It aimed straight at the heart of the palace and within’ no time at all, blasted a huge amount of magma at the palace, right on front of Iso. Iso was so scared that he jumped right out of his throne so fast that it could had started a new record, and got himself on fire. He ran so fast that he made it to the closest lake possible and in no time at all, jumped into the pond. Everybody heard it and in a nick of time, everybody was panicking like headless fish, flopping on the sand madly. Some kids, who were playing knucklebone, ran and hid in some huge aryballos. Some slaves panicked so much that they jumped into a bottomless well. It was so deep that it could have reached all the way to Ancient China! A teacher was so scared that he hid behind a pillar, which was knocked down by Igniscelctus, killing the man. After four days of destroying the island, Igniscelctus became drowsy and left the island and went to the sun. The Igniskeletons were tired as well and faded away. A minute later, which was hard to tell because Igniscelctus didn’t have eyelids, it was sleeping heavily on the surface of the sun. As it lay there, it thought that nothing was going to stop it from destroy Isolasa. However, it didn’t know anything about a hero stopping it at the last second…

The citizens were so furious that they could have destroyed the rest of the city with their bare hands. Iso was worried that Igniscelctus would come back so he sacrificed more foods to Athena, not suspecting that she was in that situation. Athena was furious and turned half of all the survivors into Igniskeletons. However they were tired as well and faded away. The king was angry, but his younger brother, Argini smoothen Iso and promised that he would find the solution to stop Igniscelctus. That next morning Argini sailed to far countries beyond the Aegean Sea, he even passed the furthest country any Greek ever passed and founded a clever island further to the East called Gnistusa. In fact, it was actually a forbidden country in England! There he met a blacksmith called Dradition teaching his son Tradiator how to make a full set of armor and a sword. Argini begged for help for his island in till Dradition agreed.
“Only if I will be crowned as king!” He demanded and Argini had no other choice but to accepted his orders. Dradition was satisfied and called his top twenty best men to come along.

Dradition packed his best armour and smelted a beautiful sword.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be back,” Dradition comforted Tradiator and left him with his uncle. Unfortunately, his uncle disappeared within ten days and never came back. Tradiator tried to make some armour but it just looked like a huge block of iron with holes. Athena, which didn’t know that his dad tried to kill Igniscelctus, took pity on him and gave him a full set of unbreakable armour, a sword that would keep him invincible and a shield, which nothing or nobody could lift. The sword was beautifully decorated with steel and gold and the shield was made of lapis lazuli. Tradiator thanked her and defended him and his blacksmith for an entire year. Tradiator was now seventeen and a half years old and saw his dads ship sailing home. Tradiator ran to the ship not to find out that his dad won the battle, but to see that only five survivors returned. He hoped that his dad was there but a survivor told him that the biggest pillar at the palace had crushed his dad. Tradiator was so angry that he returned to his blacksmith and took his armour and left to fight the monster alone. The people thought that he was mad but he knew that with his sword he was invincible.

Hades was happy to see Iso there in the underworld after Igniscelctus had devoured him. Hades evilly pushed him into the river Styx as Iso slowly perished to bits. Igniscelctus was happy of its mission to be done but as he was going to leave, a huge rock crashed onto its body. The rock turned into magma before it even touched it. Tradiator was furious that it didn’t affect it so he began to fight Igniscelctus. Most of the time, Tradiator was tossed into the air but Tradiator would slash his sword into its forehead, but the armor on Igniscelctus was too strong. But finally Tradiator stabbed the sword at its forehead. Igniscelctus roared so loudly, even doe it didn’t hurt it, that Athena heard it. She suddenly realized that Tradiator was attacking Igniscelctus. She did a undoing spell and before Tradiator could slay it, his sword turned into ash, his armour became into burning hot iron and his shield became nearly unliftable for himself to! Igniscelctus tossed Tradiator into the air and was about to eat him until he accidently dropped his shield. Igniscelctus mistook it as Tradiator himself and ate it whole. Within’ that second, Igniscelctus couldn’t fly. It tried its best and managed to stay up for a while but then its belly bursted out and its heart fell out. The sky was far to cold and froze its heart to ice. When it reached the ground, it shattered to bits. Igniscelctus’ body crashed onto the ground and Tradiator happily got his shield back. Argini, which was hiding behind a wall quickly, drank a potion and stole the shield and fled to Greek. Tradiator, which was amazed of how he could carry the shield to his ship, celebrated happily to himself with everyone else.

Later that night, Tradiator was crowned as king. To celebrate, everyone had a huge feast at the new palace like no other. The steaming pork and lobster with the freshly cooked sardines tasted better then ever. They stuffed themselves with meat, fruits and drank as much as they could. Some men were so drunk that they fell asleep on the carpet. They squeezed all the fat out of pork and sucked the oysters straight out of the shells. They made a huge mess while eating dessert. Everybody was dancing happily with the rhythm of the beautiful music. Acrobats jumped table to table while the smell of food filled the air. The feast was so good that it must have been the best one ever in history. Athena knew that Tradiator won the battle and Zeus wasn’t happy. So, Athena transformed into an old lady and entered the palace.

That morning, Tradiator went for breakfast in his beautiful chiton. Billions of soldiers in fine armor, each holding a golden sword, were guarding the palace. The floor was made of fine marble with a red carpet with gold tassel covered on top. It was lonely sight sitting at the table alone. Not a sound nor soul was in that room. It was so quiet that it felt like everything was holding its breath. The only sound heard was his own movements and some chewing noise. An old lady with some food and a cup full of wine served the king. As soon as she finished serving all food and wine on the table, she hurried outside of the palace so fast that Tradiator didn’t even noticed that she had left. He lifted up his cup high in the air where the daylight shone onto it.
“Shall I, my people and my kingdom live forever!” He cheered and drank the whole cup. In the next second, he dropped dead of the poison in the wine.

The whole kingdom suddenly cracked and tumbled into a huge hole. Everybody tried to escape but the force and pressure was too strong that it made the entire island fallen into the equator forever without a single bit of land left above the sea. That day had summoned an earthquake, which Argini witnessed while escaping from the island. That day was the first earthquake ever occurred in the history.

By Eric Wang
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