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The Arozin

A myth submitted to the site by Patrick Watt

Crete, Ancient Greece

Along time ago in 500 BC, there was a scorching agora on the island of Crete. In the agora, a carpenter was carefully carving some priceless furniture. Men, in blue sweaty chitons, bartered over the price of wine. Hunters, with a creaking cart of skins, proudly marched through the city. Two men were gossiping over the war. An innocent baby cried over the noise. Little did they know what horrors were coming…

The Arozin was a terrifying creature. Athena, who was a rival with Poseidon, had sent it to Crete. It shot flaming arrows at all life it saw. With a body of a lion, and a hide impenetrable, it massacred any living being. Men would kill their family, because if anyone was bitten by the Arosin, you became immortal and would be eaten alive forever.

The ground shook and the Arozin jumped from the earth. The terrified people ran franticly like drunkards. Even the soldiers with bronze cuirasses fell from its fiery arrows. Pools of blood covered the ground. A frantic man slipped on a pool of blood and fell in a well. Overwrought parents hid their innocent babies and children in large amphorae. The temple of Poseidon caught fire, as well as the stoa. When the Arozin finally went to rest, the city went from bustling to piles of debits and pools of blood. But within the hearts of the people, there was hope…

The frightened people villagers prayed to Poseidon for help. When Poseidon received the message he sent Hermes to tell his son, Caris. He gladly agreed. That night, when Caris was praying Hermes appeared.
"Hello Caris," Hermes said.
"Welcome Hermes, why have you come?" asked Caris.
"I have news to share," Hermes answered in a rather sad tone.
"News about what?'' Caris questioned.
"About your father’s city. It has been destroyed," Hermes replied sadly.
"What! How?" Caris demanded of the God.
"A ferocious beast, called the Arozin, who spits flaming arrows destroyed your father’s city. It is your destiny to destroy the beast,” he answered
“Very well,” Caris said, “I will kill it.”
So Caris set sail to Crete.

As he entered the city under the full moon, all was quiet. Then suddenly, the fizz of fire, the whizz of an arrow. Then he saw it, the Arozin, darker than the night itself. With sword in one hand, trident in the other, he charged. Could he make it? Could he stop the destruction? Would the Arozin finally fall? So he charged.

The Arozin saw him and shot a flaming arrow at Caris. He dodged it, but it singed his chiton. Caris was engulfed in flame! The Arozin leaped for the kill. Though in a ball of flames, Caris had the will to attack. He grabbed his sword, and at the last moment he smote off the Arozin’s head. Then as he waited for death, Zeus granted his brother’s wish and took Caris to the stars so he may watch over the people forever more.

When the citizens of Crete woke from a night of nightmares, they rejoiced that the monster was dead. They had a glorious symposium with mouth watering suckling pig and sweet wine in silver cups. Guests came from as far away as Thebes, to be entertained by dancers, music, and acrobats. But when the Oracle told them what had happened to Caris, they mourned him. They built a statue of pure bronze to honour him in glory. So to this day when you see a shooting star you wish on it, don’t you?

By Patrick Watt
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Name: Killercroc3232 29th October 2013
this is the best man you could be a writeer when you are older !!! :P
Name: Louis 29th October 2013
i read some of it patrick and i like it so far
Name: Becky 9th January 2013
I really liked your myth. You used very good descriptive words that helped to set the scene. I especially liked when you described the Arozin as "darker than night itself"; it made it scarier in my mind as I pictured the scene. It was clever, too, about wishing on a star at the end. I will think of you next time I make a wish!
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