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The Death Of The Hypothermus

A myth submitted to the site by Ivan Lim

Sparta, Ancient Greece

2500 years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a spectacular city called Sparta. It was a sweltering day and there were plenty of people heading to the agora. Slaves were patting their feet on the boiling ground, carrying food back to their boss. A mother, with her kid, was heading to the statue of Hestia. Two bloodstained soldiers, who were coming back from the Trojan War, had the sun shining on their glistening armour. Their shields were dented with holes in the middle. They were swinging their swords around and nearly sliced a statue of Zeus. An ear-splitting sound rang through the air and everybody got scared. Suddenly, thunder struck down and they thought Zeus was angry. They sacrificed a donkey for Zeus, but the sacrifice they made was the real problem…

A deafening roar rang through the air from the forest. It was the Hypothermus. The Hypothermus was a bloodthirsty beast that could leave you terrorised for the rest of your life. It had wings as big as a chariot that with a flap could cause swarming waves and make mountains shake. Clouds and thunders followed where he went, his horn could impale your chest and you would die instantly. He lived upon the high, lifeless mountains. If animals walked past, he would grab them on the head and shake them around until the head and body divided up then eat the head. His eyes were the colour of evil red. Its two longnecks stretched wildly apart and were very long. Its tail’s tip was a blade that can shoot out then regrow. Poisonous gas sprayed as he breathed. Thunder struck as he walked because Zeus always made thunder follow him. One day, Zeus saw people killing animals for no reason. He wanted to get rid of the agora so the poor little animals could survive, so the monster was going on its way.

With a rumble like earthquake and a wave of dust, something horrible appeared in the distance. At first, it looked like a human then another head sprouted out that grew bigger and bigger. It was the Hypothermus. People swarmed and fled for their tiny lives, heads bumping and feet falling. A terrified man with a scared look on his face heard a scream, only to work out it was his own. Another woman stood there like a statue, petrified, as she looked at the big foot about to land. With a cry of death, she was gone. The hypothermus took a swipe as if there was a fly and knocked the colonnades like dominoes, crashing the stoa into debris. A child was running around, his mum looked over and heard the monster’s foot scream. The monster lifted his leg and the mother ran over. It was her son, squashed like a mosquito. People were dying of shock. Every breath the monster took made peoples lungs hurt and disintegrate. A slave, who was running frantically, fell into a well that had lots of saltwater. With a gurgle coming out, which was his last breath of air, he drowned. A man was so scared that he jumped into the sea. Blood flew around while lots of gray fins swam over. The only thing left was the blood. Headless bodies fell from the sky with a rain of blood. The Hypothermus looked up like asking if that was enough, then the war went on. He nearly destroyed all the agora, all but one stall. He was about to destroy it, then stopped and left. The monster didn’t know the trouble he got himself into…

After the king knew about what had happened, he walked down from his palace to the agora, only to see the debris. There was one stall left with a person standing inside. It was an oracle. The king asked, “Who are you?”
“I am an oracle. I can talk to gods,” the oracle replied.
“Can you talk to Ares to send a strong combatant over?”
“I already have. Ares said he is on his way,” the oracle said.

One week later, the monster came to devour the builders that were re-constructing the agora then went. Then, something appeared in the distance. “He is here!” the oracle shouted. He had a head of a lion, body of a human and fur all over his hand. He had shields, swords, spears, a bow and arrow and a mini dagger. His eye was like an eagle, blue and full with bravery. A man got suspicious and asked, “Why are you willing to give your life for our agora?”
“Well like you said I have only one life and I would be willing to give one life for many more. And well…I would like to be a general of an army,” said Cretecus, “and I come from Crete.”
“Well … welcome Cretecus, you may go to the king’s palace to see him and you can live and sleep in the palace.”
“Thanks!” Then off Cretecus went to the palace. After Cretecus went to the palace, the king said he would give him lots of gold and the best weapons they had, and a few men to fight with. Then Cretecus went to his room and fell asleep on the comfy bed, but nothing is comfy forever…

Cretecus was still in his sleep until, suddenly, a scream of terror came from outside the window. Cretecus looked out and a drop of blood landed on him. He got himself armed and went out. Cretecus saw lots of corpses, one of them was the king’s. He looked up. A shadow fell on top of him. What was it? He couldn’t tell. He walked backwards, then tripped on a corpse, that was when he saw it. “Hypothermus,” he said. He felt scared. He wanted to go back to the time he was safe. He regretted agreeing to kill this beast, but he couldn’t just go. He slipped under the monster’s leg and saw the blade at the tip of its tail. Before Cretecus could react, he saw an arm on the ground. It was his! He picked up his fire spear and lunged at Hypothermus. It pierced the Hypothermus' wing. Thunderbolts landed beside him. Whenever he wanted to move, a thunderbolt crashed. He was stuck. He took out his hydra-bow and shot it at the Hypothermus. In a split second, the arrowhead had now five arrowheads and knocked the monster to the ground. He was about to kill the beast with his dagger, when the Hypothermus slipped away and flew towards the forest. "He left!" Cretecus shouted. But he didn't notice that the monster turned back and was gaining speed on him. Cretecus howled in pain. The monster impaled him on the stomach, his fur turned from brown to red, blood had ran down his body. Hypothermus knocked Cretecus to the ground near the cliff. Hypothermus's eyes glowed red in the darkness. Cretecus could see the Hypothermus' eyes filled with sadness, but the body told him anger. Hypothermus used his other head and pierced Cretecus' chest, then pulled both heads out. Cretecus took his last breath, took out his dagger and plunged it into the beast's heart. The monster cried in agony and plunged into the ocean.

Cretecus looked at the Spartan sky, then crawled towards the cliff leaving a trail of blood on the ground, and fell off the cliff. Cretecus looked up, then down, he heard the waves crashing and the wind singing, the last thing he saw was the sea closing up on him. Then all went black, forever. After the people of Sparta found out what had happened, some people were mourning and some people were celebrating. The seven drops of blood that fell in the ocean went up into the sky and became Orion. The people in the symposium were eating suckling pigs, pigeon, oyster fish olives and hummus. Everybody could hear the enchanting music in the air. A man, who was celebrating the monster’s death, was eating a suckling pig. Juice burst out and dripped on his chiton. The people who were mourning Cretecus and their king’s deaths didn't eat for weeks. The only leftovers they found of Cretecus was his weapons. They gave the weapons a proper burial next to the king’s grave. The Spartans were finding a new king to take care of their country. To the east of Sparta , you can find a rock that is very big that has Cretecus' bones inside near the beach. If you look closely, you can see a hand bone shape near the side. cCetecus is remembered by Crete. People mistook the hypothermus as a dead Quetzalcoatlus in the ocean. And that was the story of how the Hypothermus was slayed.

By Ivan Lim
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Name: Tony 2nd October 2015
How did he shoot his bow when his arm fell off
Name: AIDAN CHIM 29th October 2013
I really like the dominoes bit,it was so cool when hypothermus threw the person,good job!
Name: Steelgear4678 29th October 2013
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