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Tirler and Recele

A myth submitted to the site by Wendy Chang

Athens, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a peaceful city called Athens. It was a boiling hot day. Most people went to the local agora, carrying their baskets everywhere. Some men, who were wearing black linen chitons, were sweating while chatting to some old men. Women were buying some fruit and vegetables for supper. Children, who were holding some squishy oranges, were munching happily. There was raw meat in the stoa, which was very expensive. There was a noisy commotion of people shouting for cheaper prices. Also, there was a barber helping a man trim his hair. At the back of the agora there were people selling jewellery. A group of soldiers were covered in a little blood because they had just come back from a war. It was a fine day, but the citizens didn’t know what trouble was coming…

Tirler was a chilling and terrifying creature. He was Zeus’ son. He was half human and half pig. Tirler was as smelly as a skunk, with very flat ears, which had little horns growing on it. Also he had very round eyeballs like marbles. His foot was very slimy and stinky and it made you feel like vomiting. It could turn you into ash in one second if it poked your belly button. He lived in a small spooky icy freezing river. Inside the river there were nasty crocodiles which had very huge sharp teeth. He rarely came up to have a breath. He had to eat once a year so he wouldn’t keep shouting and damaging the buildings and eating the people in the local agora, and making big trouble. Also, when he ate citizens and slaves he would always squeeze lots of super minty goshy liquid in his own mouth, so the citizens and slaves’ eyes would be blind because of the mint in Tirler’s mouth. His mouth was also very slimy which made the citizens shout to death. They shouted so loudly that the slaves and citizens throats almost popped out. Tirler was attacking a hero called Recele because Recele had killed his smallest brother.

Tirler went to the agora to kill people and search for Recele. When the kids saw Tirler, they were almost panicking. They were very shocked and terrified. Some old women, who are sitting on wheel chairs, fainted straight away. The adults, who were also very scared, were hugging their children who were fainting. Women, who were pregnant or had babies, couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen to their baby. Poor slaves were carrying buckets of water and couldn’t run fast, so all the slaves who were carrying heavy things were eaten by Tirler. Tirler’s mouth was all red blood dripping down his yucky, smelly cheeks, which looked rotten. Tirler didn’t find out that one hero was still hiding in the well…

After the monster had left, some citizens, who were hiding under the bench, hadn’t been seen by Tirler and were infuriated. The citizens were talking about the monster, which had eaten thousands of people. In the well, Recele, who was the hero, heard citizens talking about the monster so she flew up to the citizens. After the citizens saw Recele they all thought that Recele was very beautiful. She had short blonde hair, and a short fringe. She always wore a pink lucky necklace so she would not be scared. She also wore it for decoration. She had a dark green belt which had glitter on it and a blue skirt. Her shirt was very special. It was orange. She always needed to eat lots of special leaves so she would have more energy power.

Recele went to find the king in a beautiful castle and told the king what the disaster was. She slowly went to the king’s room and said, “King. Sorry to disturb you, but do you mind if I tell you some bad news?” said Recele kindly.
“Of course,” answered the king. “There was a very terrifying and appalling, unnerving creature. He ate more than 110,000,000 people!” replied Recele.
The king was shocked. He was getting serious. “Really?” bellowed the king.
“Really.” answered Recele. After that the king told Recele to leave the castle. Recele slowly walked back to the well. Recele had a sad feeling after she had told the king.

The next day the king wrote a note and asked Recele to come to his castle again. So Recele walked through the pathways and gates then went in the castle. When Recele got there the king said, “Since you are a brave and strong hero, I will let you kill the monster tomorrow; I found out this morning that the monster lives in a cave. He was born in an icy, cold, piercing river. Also this is your gift, for helping everyone kill Tirler. This is the most powerful leaf in the whole world. You have three chances to defeat the monster,” said the king seriously.
“Thank you very much.” replied Recele.
“You must do your best” bellowed the king. Recele slowly walked through the door, and over the garden gate. While she was walking back to the little cozy beautiful well, she kept thinking about what would happen the next day.

The next day, when Recele woke up and ate breakfast, she brought a packet of leaves to eat and the special leaf that the king gave to her. Plus the shining sword. The cave was miles away and she walked and walked through the forest. Her legs were very tired and sore, over mountains, and then finally found a dark spooky cave. While she was walking, she heard her own footsteps echoing through the floor. Suddenly she heard the monster howling. And Recele started to get terrified. While she was finding the way, she saw Tirler. Tirler was holding a big shiny golden sword. Recele quickly took a chunk of leaves and shuffled it in her mouth really fast. Then she started fighting. This time Recele really started to get frightened. The monster used lots of his power and ripped off the skin that was on Recele’s knee. Red blood was dripping on the sticky muddy floor. Recele ate one leaf and started fighting again. Recele felt that her knee couldn’t move, so she wanted to start using her power. Just then she couldn’t believe that she was still lying on the ground. At that time Tirler quickly picked up Recele off the ground and threw Recele on the floor. The floor rumbled. All parts of Recele’s body started to hurt. At the last minute she ate the most special leaf that the king gave her. At the last second, Recele raised her golden sword and hit it on Tirler’s chest. Recele couldn’t believe that she had won the game!

She quickly ran out of the cave and went to the king’s castle. The king was super happy that she almost cried. Athena found out that Recele won the game so she was also very happy.

Recele told the king the news and the king was very happy. Recele walked back to her well. She was really tired. The king told the slaves to send a note to Recele. Recele quickly opened the note. It said, “Well done! You will get a big prize tomorrow. Come to my castle. Also, I couldn’t believe that you killed the monster! You helped everyone in Greece!!!”
Love from King and Athena.

The next day, Recele wore a beautiful dress and went to the castle. As she went in, she saw a beautiful table. On the table there was a present which was wrapped with table cloth. Recele unwrapped it and couldn’t believe her eyes. She was blessed and humoured. She saw a treasure chest filled with gold and necklaces, nice cloths and a charm necklace which would let her choose who she would like to marry. If she wanted to marry someone, she just had to say quietly “I want to marry you.” Recele went in the king’s room and they had a feast. Recele kept saying thank you to the king because the king gave her the present.

They ate soft bread, shiny yummy black olives just picked off from the tree, snails, boiled hot eggs, orange cheese, huge sardines, special ice-cream (because it had no cream in it), and delicious hummus to add on bread. They had sulking pig that was just out of the oven, wine which had grapes in it and they also used honey as a sauce. The king also asked the slaves to put her in a secret place when she died, and also make a beautiful statue of Recele’s beautiful face. Also the king asked the slaves to put it in the garden so everybody could see it. The last thing the king did is he made a pretty real blue stone with her name on it for everyone so it could be remembered today. Recele said the last thank you and left the castle. She had a wonderful feast and went back to her cozy warm well. She had a big sleep. She was even more tired after a big wonderful feast. The next day Recele wrote a note to say thank you, and wrote that the feast was nice. Plus Recele also put a green jade inside the envelope, which had the king’s name on it. She told the slaves which were beside her, to give the note to the king. The king liked it very much.

By Wendy Chang
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Name: Jihyun 29th October 2013
This story is great!
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it grabs my attention, the title
Name: Joel 8th January 2013
nice story wendy. thanks for voting for all of us:):):):):):)::P:P:P
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