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Grandpa Oak & Grandma Maple and Little Sapling


Long ago, in Ireland, lived a little girl called Stephanie. Stephanie was a spoilt, selfish little girl that cared about no one else except herself. Her Grandma and Grandpa loved her most, no matter how nasty she was to them. They fussed over her, and treated her like a little queen. Stephanie's grandparents were the oldest people in the village, so everyone called them Grandpa Oak and Grandma Maple.

"Ew! Yuck! These toffees are home-made," Stephanie shouted at her grandparents one afternoon, "No wonder they taste horrible, after the old women touched them! I bet she hasn't washed her hands for years!"

As you, sensible children, know this is a very disrespectful thing to say to your elders. But of course, Stephanie did not care.
"Now sweetie," said Grandpa Oak, who was used to Stephanie's silly comments, "That's not a nice way to talk to your grandma."

Stephanie held her hands over her ears and said 'la la la la' pretending she was not listening, then stormed out of the little thatched cottage. She walked into the woods and sat down on a tree stump, and kicked leaves out of boredom. This was when a Forest Elf had heard the spiteful little girl shouting. The Elf decided to teach the little girl a lesson that will last a very, long time. So the Elf walked up to Stephanie, and said,

"Hello, young one. Are you fed up of your elders?"

Now young Stephanie, was glad someone was on her side, so she replied darkly, "Oh, yes"
"I have an idea." replied the elf, and whispered it in Stephanie's ear.

Later that night, Stephanie had a terrible dream. There were two grand trees. An oak and maple tree standing either side of Stephanie. All around was evil laughter, it was as if the other trees were laughing at her......

Stephanie woke up.....and it was true.

There either side of her were two grand trees, a oak and maple, the faces of the trees looked oddly familiar. Suddenly it hit her, Grandpa Oak and Grandma Maple! Roots were coming towards her, grabbing her by her ankles, Stephanie felt herself going stiff, she tried to scream but no sound came out.

Stephanie was standing no more, except from a little Sapling in her place.

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