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The Deadly Wood

A myth submitted to the site by Charlotte

West Midlands, England

Mel knew it was bad to be out late at night. Her mum would most likely lock up her favorite books. But Mel had to know if it was true. She needed answers. The wind whipped at her hair and she rode down the street at the dead of night. Everyone was talking about The Deadly Wood by Melmore street. Mel lived on Melmore street. Everyone kept coming up to her to say, "It's going to be you next, Mel." Even Mel's best friend Ellie seemed a bit sullen.

So many questions were going through her mind. What was going on? She was so busy in her thoughts, that she didn't see the tree......Mel hit the grass with a thud. Luckily, her bike wasn't broken. She looked up, and felt terror grow inside her. The Deadly Wood!

Mel was stepping cautiously through the wood. It felt like the trees around her were laughing at her. Mel tripped over a cracked rock, she was about to get up when she saw some words scribbled all over it. Mel instantly knew the words were in Latin. Thank God she went to Latin classes.

"Thy those who enter this forest," she read aloud, "Shall take heed to this warning. Turn back before it's too late." There was something very creepy about the warning, that sent a chill run through Mel's spine.

She stood up and started to turn back to her bike. Then there was a creek and a tree picked her up by her ankle and threw her across the undergrowth. Mel felt a sharp pain, she had twisted her ankle. The trees were laughing their dark laugh. Her phone landed beside her, trembling she picked up the phone and dialed her mum's number.

"Help me....please...I'm in The Deadly Woods" she sobbed.
"Mel! Mel...." but her mum was cut short. Mel laid there in agony, the trees laughing. It seemed like hours until a car pulled up, and her mum ran across to her terrified daughter.
"Mel oh Mel!"

After hours of operations, Mel's leg had to be in a cast for 12 whole weeks. The Deadly Woods were banned from any visitors from now on. But the whole night kept rewinding through Mel's head. The agony, the terror. As her mum drove her home, the trees were STILL laughing at her.....

By Charlotte
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