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The Legend Of Charlie And Spike

A myth submitted to the site by Isabella Torbett

Cave in village , USA

In a land far far away in a dark dark cave there lived a very hungry dog. Now this dog was no ordinary dog because it was called Spike. Spike has very sharp teeth and he just could not stop eating human flesh. Infact that was the only thing spike would eat. He would'nt eat dog food like normal dogs do. He would bark pretending he was in trouble and then bite the humans to death and eat their flesh!!!!!!!!!!

One day a girl called Charlie was having a tumble through the woods and saw the cave where Spike lived, so she walked into the cave and found it was very dark. It was so dark she couldn't see where she was going. She thought to herself and said, I know I will put my hands infront of me. SUDDENLY she felt what was the hair of spike the moment she had been waiting for.

Spike jumped up in the air and bit Charlie on the arm. But Charlie knew she was strong enough to kill Spike. With one grab on the head and all most twisted Spike's head right round the poor creatures neck snapped. Spike fell to the floor with an enormous thud!!!

Ive done it said Charlie as she ran out of the cave thinking there was one more monster still there. Finally i think i'm the first one to ever defeat SPIKE!!!!!!!!! She went rushing to her mother saying I HAVE DONE IT I HAVE DONE IT!!!!!

By Isabella Torbett
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