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The Horrible Omnivour Big Claw Zeus

A myth submitted to the site by Tiago Martins

Swansea, United Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was an inventor called Jones Martin, which he liked exploring and learning new things. One day he decided to create a spaceship that went so fast that it could go to other galaxies!

So one day, he spotted another galaxie and he went there to explore. It only took two days, but it was worth it because nobody, but i mean nobody, has ever gone to that galaxie! He named the galaxie "Big Joe"

When he got there, Jones spotted a very strange thing running around in circles. And that mysterious thing was going really crazy! But after watching that crazy thing running around, he just went the other way. But then he heard a very big thing stomping behind him. A spine-chilling shadow stood in front of him. He looked back, and there was a huge mythical creature! It had three eyes and had the power to struck electricity from its body. He ate both plants and meat, and thats when Jones called it "The Horrible Omnivour Big Claw Zeus".

He started to run but the big horrible monster could walk, because when the monster walked, he walked the same speed Jones ran! At last, the big horrible mythical creature took one BIG step, and then Jones couldn't see anything! Jones couldn't see anything because the mythical monster was holding him so hard, but i mean really hard! The monster opened his mouth, and Jones knew what the monster was going to do. The monster was going to eat Jones!

But in a second, Jones got the best idea he ever had. Jones poked the monsters eyes. He poked the three of them, then the big horrible monster fell to the floor to a loud thump! Jones tried to get away but he couldn't! What was he going to do? Then, since the monster fell to a loud thump, The big monster died and lost his power to hold on to Jones. So Jones was free!

Jones ran as fast as a bullet to his spaceship before there came more of those horrible monsters. He got out of that galaxie super safe! Once again, it took two days to get to sweet, home earth. Jones told himself "I'm never going to another galaxie again. It is too dangerous." So Jones never went to another galaxie again and never found out whether or not if there were more of those big horrible monsters.


By Tiago Martins

By Tiago Martins
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