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A Lesson Learned

Village, England

There once was a boy, a very selfish boy who only cared and thought about himself. He refused to go to school because he thought he was better than the rest... but he wasn't.

One fine morning the selfish little boy woke up to the cry for help. Annoyed the selfish boy heaved himself out of bed and looked down out of the window. A young lady was calling to him. He went calmly downstairs to meet the women.
"What do you want?" He questioned with a raging voice. The women looked shocked to what she heard.
"Excuse me?" She asked in disgust.
The boy stared at her with a horrible look on his face. "What do you want?" He said again, this time with a more annoyed tone. "I am trying to get some sleep so if you don't mind clear off"
The poor young women looked as if she was about to cry.
"All I wanted is for someone to help me with my shopping, it fell all over the floor just down the lane over there" she pointed to where her shopping was. The confused and frustrated boy stared over at where the women pointed.
" I do not care for you and your asks for help so you should go and beg someone else." He turned and walked away. Behind the young women whispered to herself, "Some day you will be the one who is turned down you selfish little boy" and with that she ran off to find someone who would help her.

The next day the little boy was in the kitchen baking some cakes for himself. He left the oven on to cook them, but left it on too high in temperature.
Walking down to the local shops he bought a newspaper and some chocolate and ran home. Suddenly he smelt something he didn't want to smell... burning. Running inside he stared at the kitchen, it was on fire and soon the lounge would be to. He screamed for help but no-one came. Then out of the blue the same young women came along and stopped in her tracks. "What's wrong little boy?" She asked with a grin.
"My''s on fire!" He spluttered.
She looked at him with a horrible look.
"Why should I help you?" She questioned. The boy stared at her confused. "You're the little boy who left me to clear my shopping up off the floor on my own yesterday."
It all came back to him. He remembered what he had done to this poor young women.
"I'm sorry I promise I'll change in future but please.... help me!" So she did and from that day on that selfish boy turned out to be the most loved boy in the village. And to finish it off he finally went to school and realised that everybody was the same and nobody was better than others. The end

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